November 2014

November Calendar

November 2014

So first half of the month is already behind me … I can’t believe it! I’m checking my personal organizer (no I’m not Filofax fan or any other leather diary fan) and I’m way behind from last month, but I’m going to step it up this month!

I’m back in London, slowly adjusting and settling down and I’m back to my training. First week I was more or less just catching up with sleeping and putting this place in shape. But I’m back and I’m also back to Zuzka Lights workouts… I just missed the high intensity and the challenge. So good bye Body Beach Workouts! Welcome back Zuzka Light 🙂
Zuzka recently changed or updated her site and first week of November was also free look into her ZGYM, so I wrote down her workouts and I’m completing them one by one …. so far I love every single one, but that’s not a surprise.

For now I’m also limited with my equipment, I have of course my speed rope and I have 8kg kettlebell, but I’m planning to update my collection before end of the year.

Week 1 in my ZGYM

Body Crush 1 aka ZWOW 117 – 11min and 44 sec
JRC X 1 (Jump Rope Cardio) – worst jump roping ever! way too many interruptions and ZERO double unders
Power Yoga 1
Body Crush 2 aka ZWOW 118 – in 15 min AMRAP I did 1 round and 10 Side Lunge Jump combo
Tabata 1 – new one – I was keeping up with Zuzka

Week 2 in my ZGYM

Body Crush 3 aka ZWOW 119 – 11 min and 50 sec
JRC X 2 (Jump Rope Cardio) – killer cardio but I did better than last week and I even tried double unders, managed 2 solid ones
Power Yoga 2
Body Crush 1 aka ZWOW 117 – beating my personal best!
Tabata or other workout

And the following week I will be doing similar workouts. I will be updating before end of this month.

November Update:

Week 2 in ZGYM

Tabata or other workout  Cardio Shred 1 : 16 min – 2x3kg dumbbells & 8kg Kettlebell

Week 3 in ZGYM

Body Crush 4.: 14 min and 25 sec
Cardio Shred 2.: 14min and 5sec – 2x3kg DB & 8kg KB
Power Yoga 2.
Day off
Body Crush 2. : 2 rounds – 4 Push ups ( next time I’m going for full 2 rounds)

Peace and love, G


February + March Workout Update

February Update

G-February-2014So I was supposed to finish Insanity Month 2, but after the first 5 days I was just not into it and I decided to take some time off to get some motivation. Second week of February I did only some stretching and yoga and every other day couple minutes of jump rope. And after that I decided that it was time to return to my favorite workouts from Zuzka.

Last two week I did ZWOW workouts from Zuzka Light. After the first workout ZWOD 1. I was completely done and it took me LONG 18 min and 20 sec. The Pistol Squats are killer (I’m still not able to do them completely – I’m doing only modified version), but after the Insanity I thought that I would do little bit better. Also my push-ups are worse than ever. And I have to say that I this was really bad month for me for some reason. But it’s all behind me now so let’s move on.

So here are my times and scores for this time:
ZWOD 1: 17.2.2014: 18 min and 20 sec
ZWOD 2: 18.2.2014: 13 min and 4 sec  2x3kg
ZWOW 3: 19.2.2014: 12 min and 11 sec  no weights
ZWOW 4: 20.2.2014:  time: ?  10kg weight
ZWOW 5: 21.2.2014: 4 rounds   2x 3kg
ZWOW 6: 22.2.2014: almost 5 rounds only 4JLK missing   8kg
ZWOW 7: 23.2.2014: 14 min and 22 sec
7.6.2012: 14 min and 30 sec     
          4.9.2012: 14 min and 17 sec
ZWOW 8: 24.2.2014: 14 min
          8.6.2012:11min and 9 sec +20 min skipping  
          5.9.2012: 14min and 28 sec
ZWOW 9: 27.2.2014: 3 rounds + 5PPT
9.6.2012: 3 rounds   6.9.2012: 3 rounds + 10SPU
ZWOW 10: 28.2.2014: 2 rounds + 13KJ   8kg
10.6.2012: 3 rounds    7.9.2012: 2 rounds + 6RB

March Calendar

So I’m continuing with ZWOWs this month and when I will feel like it I will add  ZCUT Cardio or jump rope and ZCUT Strength. I will schedule only workouts from Monday till Friday and have weekends off. Weather is becoming nicer so most of the time I will go out on the weekends with my husband so it will be active rest.

Here is my calendar for this month:

G- march-2014 

3.3.2014: ZWOW 11: 5R+ 10SPU
14.3.2014: ZWOW 13:
ZWOW 15: 18 min and 21sec, 1.& 3.-2x 3kg,2.-3kg       +4km RUN
17.3.2014: ZWOW 21: 5R + 1BH
ZWOW 14: 16min and 30 sec, 2x 3kg                     +3km RUN
18.3.2014: ZWOW 22: 13min and 37sec
19.3.2014: ZWOW 23: 17min and 18sec

20.3.2014: ZWOW 24: 3R + 5DB    (from 2nd R after 5-modif.DB)
ZWOW 16: 3R + 5OL, 2x 4kg                      +3km RUN
21.3.2014: ZWOW 18: 25min and 34sec
ZWOW 19: 24min and 8 sec         (all PS chair modif.)
24.3.2014: ZWOW 17: 3R + 3WL
ZWOW 20: 10 min
ZWOW 25: 11min and 11sec, 2x 4kg
25.3.2014: ZWOW 27:       OS-4.5kg, WL-5.5kg
ZWOW 26:
26.3.2014: ZWOW 28: 3R + 6DK-R
27.3.2014: ZWOW 29: 3R + 50SH
29.3.2014: 4KM RUN
31.3.2014: ZWOW 31: 17min and 7sec

Peace and love, G.