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I can’t believe it next Sunday is already February. How did it happen? That’s just crazy.

But the first month of New Year isn’t bad so far. My Jawbone fitness bracelet died after Xmas, but I’m truly blessed with wonderful husband and I have Fitbit now. Still not sure how I feel about it tho, but I like the display part 😀

I joined Veganuary (people going vegans for month of January) and I was pretty surprise how many people joined the group… fingers crossed that most of them will stay vegans. Yay J Go vegans!


So far I managed to work on my story ( I’m 3 chapters in) and I’m keeping up with my workouts, the eating habits are still an issue, but I’m working on it too 😉 So let’s see what I did so far:

january 2015

January workout schedule:

1.1.2015 Body Crush 7.     ?
2.1          Cardio Shred 6.    17min and 21sec

5.1          B-Crush 10.          23 min
6.1          C-Shred 8.             HK=364, CL-L=27.5, CL-R=26, KS=90, KB-T=18
7.1          P-Yoga 9.   +         20R (10/50) = HK=1202, 1-2=1063
8.1          B-Crush 8.             18 min and 25 sec
9.1          C-Shred 7.             13 min 31 sec

12.1        B-Crush 11.          2R + 1 JS+2MC
13.1        C-Shred 9.             123=21, SPU=16, JL-LL=30, HK=251, SLL=37, GS=17,KS=60
14.1        P-Yoga 10.   +       20R (10/50) = HK=1290, 1-2=1098
15.1        B-Crush 9.             2R+ 4TH exercise- 10MC
16.1        C-Shred 8.             HK=408, CL-L=27, CL-R=27, KS=92, KB-T=21
                         +44,       -1/2,           +1,       =2,           +3

19.1        BENCHMARK WORKOUT 24min 44sec 1st R Pistols, 2nd -4th Surrender Squats
20.1        C-Shred 10.           12min and 59 sec
21.1        P-Yoga 11.
               + C-Shred 10.       17min and 16 sec
22.1        B-Crush 10.          22min and 31sec
23.1        C-Shred 9.             123=31, SPU=17, JL-LL=36, HK=261, SLL=43, GS=17,KS=63
                  +10,         +1,       +6,       +10,        +5,      +0.5,     +3
                 + C-Shred 10.           12 min and 29sec

24.1        B-Crash 11.
25.1        C-Shred 11.

26.-30.1 ZWOWs ???

I’m not sure with next week schedule yet, maybe I will try new versions of ZWOW’s.


Benchmark workout it’s like a fit test in ZGYM and I must say it was a KILLER! I must be crazy but I’m looking forward doing it again in February to see if I improved.

Peace and love, G.


December 2014 with update

December Calendar

December 2014

And we almost have a middle of the December, Second Advent is behind us and we almost have Christmas and we won’t even realize it and this year will be over soon so let’s try to make most of what we have left. 🙂 And let’s not leave all resolutions just for the New Year and maybe we can have earlier start.

I’m not really once a year only resolution person I’m trying to get better on daily, weekly, monthly basis. I’m trying to improve myself and my life so I can be happier and better version of myself the day before. 😉

But if you like to make New Year’s resolutions for 2015 please consider going eco-friendly, choose vegetarian diet or even vegan. Your body and our planet will thank you for it. 😉

I like this month – Holiday season- Christmas movies and carols, but what I don’t like about this time of the year is the craziness – some people go totally mental – they are forgetting that this time of year is not about the presents and food …it’s about time spending with family. And another thing is the shops – another mad house- shops are closed like for 2 days and some of the people think that they will starve or something – please remember people working in the shops also deserve holidays! – Time to spend with their families! Two days ago I noticed on Morrison that they will have opened also on Boxing day and New year’s until 5pm – so I think I won’t be shopping in that store again – obviously they don’t care about their employees! That’s just sad. 😦

I will try this month not to get suck in into this madness and I will try to be positive and jolly! Fingers crossed.


So I decided to join ZGYM and I’m enjoying the new workouts and also the updated ZWOW on which ones is Zuzka weekly working. I’m still short on equipment, but I’m doing my best with what I have.

What will you get in ZGYM:

This is the only place on the internet where you can find Zuzka’s brand new workouts!
ZGYM™ Month-to-Month for 9.99 $
Members will get access to the ongoing ZGym workout series:

CardioShred™ (high-intensity cardio with weights)
Body Crush™ (Body-weight only Workouts)
JRC™ (Jump Rope Cardio)
Power Yoga
Beginner Class

3 Brand New Workouts Every Week
Weekly Workout Schedule and A Monthly Special: Workout Program for a special occasion.

Zuzka is in ZGYM providing weekly workout schedule but for now I’m following my own:

Monday:               new BODY CRUSH
Tuesday:               new CARDIO SHRED
Wednesday:         POWER YOGA
Thursday:            old BODY CRUSH: beating my personal best
Friday:                  old CARDIO SHRED: beating my personal best
Weekends: OFF – active rest day

And whichever day I feel like I can do one of the other workouts like Jump rope, Kettlebell series, Guns& Pistols or something from the free section.

My scores & times:

Week 4 in ZGYM

1.12: Body Crush 5: 20 min.
2.12: Cardio Shred 3: somehow I managed to keep an eye on my scores: HK=525, KS=45, S&P=30, KH=36                                             KB= 8kg,  DB= 2x3kg
3.12: Power Yoga 4:
4.12: Body Crush 3: 10 min and 47 sec
5.12: Cardio Shred 2: 12 min

Week 5 in ZGYM

7.12: Body Crush 6: 2 rounds + 5BPU
8.12: Cardio Shred 4: 21min and 51sec OMG! I survived. The 1 min jump rope between the exercises a killer! And I have to work on my renegade push up – the third round wasn’t the prettiest           KB= 8kg,  DB= 2x3kg
9.12: Power Yoga 5
10.12: Body Crush 4: 13 min and 55 sec
11.12: Cardio Shred 3: HK=537, KS=45, S&P=39, KH=39       KB= 8kg,  DB= 2x3kg

Week 6 in ZGYM

15.12: Body Crush 7: 3 rounds + 13 reps of 2nd set Pendulum
16.12: Cardio Shred 5: 16min and 20 sec          KB= 8kg,  DB= 2x3kg
17.12: Power Yoga 6.
18.12: Body Crush 5: 18min and 25sec       
19.12: Cardio Shred 4: 20min and 27sec          KB= 8kg,  DB= 2×3.5kg

Week 7 in ZGYM

22.12: Body Crush 8: 18min and 56sec
23.12: Cardio Shred 6: 19min and 16sec          KB= 8kg,  DB= 2×3.5kg
24.12: Power Yoga 7.
25.12: Body Crush 6:
26.12: Cardio Shred 5:

Week 8 in ZGYM

29.12: Body Crush 9:
30.12: Cardio Shred 7:
31.12: Power Yoga 8.
Peace and love, G.

November 2014

November Calendar

November 2014

So first half of the month is already behind me … I can’t believe it! I’m checking my personal organizer (no I’m not Filofax fan or any other leather diary fan) and I’m way behind from last month, but I’m going to step it up this month!

I’m back in London, slowly adjusting and settling down and I’m back to my training. First week I was more or less just catching up with sleeping and putting this place in shape. But I’m back and I’m also back to Zuzka Lights workouts… I just missed the high intensity and the challenge. So good bye Body Beach Workouts! Welcome back Zuzka Light 🙂
Zuzka recently changed or updated her site and first week of November was also free look into her ZGYM, so I wrote down her workouts and I’m completing them one by one …. so far I love every single one, but that’s not a surprise.

For now I’m also limited with my equipment, I have of course my speed rope and I have 8kg kettlebell, but I’m planning to update my collection before end of the year.

Week 1 in my ZGYM

Body Crush 1 aka ZWOW 117 – 11min and 44 sec
JRC X 1 (Jump Rope Cardio) – worst jump roping ever! way too many interruptions and ZERO double unders
Power Yoga 1
Body Crush 2 aka ZWOW 118 – in 15 min AMRAP I did 1 round and 10 Side Lunge Jump combo
Tabata 1 – new one – I was keeping up with Zuzka

Week 2 in my ZGYM

Body Crush 3 aka ZWOW 119 – 11 min and 50 sec
JRC X 2 (Jump Rope Cardio) – killer cardio but I did better than last week and I even tried double unders, managed 2 solid ones
Power Yoga 2
Body Crush 1 aka ZWOW 117 – beating my personal best!
Tabata or other workout

And the following week I will be doing similar workouts. I will be updating before end of this month.

November Update:

Week 2 in ZGYM

Tabata or other workout  Cardio Shred 1 : 16 min – 2x3kg dumbbells & 8kg Kettlebell

Week 3 in ZGYM

Body Crush 4.: 14 min and 25 sec
Cardio Shred 2.: 14min and 5sec – 2x3kg DB & 8kg KB
Power Yoga 2.
Day off
Body Crush 2. : 2 rounds – 4 Push ups ( next time I’m going for full 2 rounds)

Peace and love, G