Insanity – Round 2- Month 1 + Recovery Week

Month 1 Update

G - January-2014

I finished first month and of course it didn’t go as I planned .The last week of the month 1 I was down with flu so I was in the bed sleeping most of the time. 😦 But I was feeling better the following week so I continued with my schedule and did Core Cardio & Balance workout.

I still didn’t measure myself – silly me  >:o but I’m fine just with beating my scores on fit test and I’m really hoping that I will managed all workouts in month 2 – fingers crossed. O:)

So far I think I improved since my first attempt of Insanity. I can see it not only on my results on the fit test but also with my stretching – I’m able to go deeper and I’m getting more flexible. 🙂

And I did Fast and Furious workout once instead of Pure Cardio – just to try it out – review coming up soon…

Recovery Week Update

Ok so after one week off I was glad that it was recovery week. I was still feeling kind of tired and slow, but I wasn’t planning to skip any more workouts so I did my best. Starting slowly – I was taking many breaks the first two days but after that I was myself again and I finished the week strong.

My fit test Update:

FIT TEST 2Peace and Love, G.


Insanity- Recovery Week

Recovery Weekrecovery week

Yes it’s recovery week, but do you remember Cardio recovery? So let’s not forget that this is still Insanity workout! Do your best and don’t skip this week. It’s good for your body to have some kind of rest after the very intense workouts, but don’t stop moving.


Core, Cardio & Balance.  

So let’s talk little bit about the workout: ther

e some same moves from the first month, some additional changes to them and different combos and of course there are some new ones – moving plank, elbow punch thingy and hops on one leg and the best in the end- 3 min hip flexor & shoulder burners (this ones are killer and I was not able to complete them without taking some short breaks to shake the legs).

Shaun T stops between moves to show you proper form which gives you more breaks/recovery than the circuit workouts in the first month but it doesn’t mean that it’s easier. It’s all starting gradually, slowly pumping up your hard and then you finish the workout with some slow moves and I can describe them with one word – HARD. Yep the slow moves are hard but great for your muscles.

I was quite surprise that I was not bored with the workout doing it every single day for a week. Yes, the times where Shaun T is explaining each move is getting a bit annoying …but I’m focusing more on that that at least I have some extra rest between each workout. And I will definitely repeat this workout after I finish month 2 and I hope to see some progress also there not just in the fit test.

Shaun T says,
‘This is your recovery week so I don’t want you to over-pound your body.  I want you to focus, keep your core strong, keep your energy up and next week we will start it back up’.

So tomorrow I’m starting month 2.  Max circuits…it  scares me slightly, but I’m ready. And I like what I see in the mirror so it helps me to keep going  🙂

Peace and love, G.