April – August 2014

I’m back with updates!

This is going to be one very very loooong post.my personal organizer
So I was offline for some time because I was pretty busy with school and learning German. But I managed to past my A2 level test without any problems (and I skipped the level A1 completely 😉 )And in July we some-how decided to leave Austria so the life got again crazy. On the end of the last month we moved all our stuff to my Moms, where we are staying until beginning of October, when we will be moving back to UK. Looks like German speaking country is just not for us – at least not for now.
With all the cleanings I’m also cleaning up my computer so I want to upload all my workout calendars too. For now I was marking everything into my personal organizer which I created myself. I just bought A6 folder for myself and I printed out calendar. This way I have my own unique organizer which suites to my needs with beautiful green pages.

APRIL 2014G - april-2014

So I was continuing with Zwows also this month with some breaks due to sickness.
1.4.2014: ZWOW 32: 8 min and 24 sec, no run 2x 5.5kg
2.4.2014: ZWOW 33: 3R + 3SPLL-R             (SPLL – most difficult)
3.4.2014: ZWOW 34: 13 min and 39 sec      (1.-3. 5.5kg, 4. 16.5kg)
4.4.2014: ZWOW 35: 12 min and 29 sec, 5.5kg (PS with chair, DB from 2nd R modif.)
7.4.2014: ZWOW 36: 9 min and 16 sec, 2x 4kg (little bit heavy for the punches)
8.4.2014: ZWOW 37: no breaks, but I was keeping up with Zuzka
9.4.2014: ZWOW 38: 13 min and 28 sec, DS- 5.5kg
10.4.2014: ZWOW 39: 9 min and 45 sec, 5.5kg
11.4.2014: ZWOW 40: 9 min and 48 sec, 2x 3kg        + 10R (15/45) = 1247
14.4.2014: ZWOW 41: 14 min and 6 sec, 5.5 kg
15.4.2014: ZWOW 42: 12 min and 51 sec    + 10R (15/45) = 1277
16.4.2014: ZWOW 43: 2R + 25 SSU          + 10R (15/45) = 1286
17.4.2014: ZWOW 44: 10 min and 5 sec, 4.5kg
18.4.2014: ZWOW 45: 13 min and 1 sec, 2x 3.75kg  + 10R (15/45) = 1341

MAY 2014G - may-2014

 I just love Zuzka Light and her workouts and I will keep doing them over and over again.
5.5.2014: ZWOW 51: 13 min and 36 sec      (only 8 normal DB- rest from my knees)
6.5.2014: ZWOW 52: 11min and 24sec        (PS between door frame- R leg better)
7.5.2014: ZWOW 53: 11min and 28sec
8.5.2014: ZWOW 54: 11min and 20sec, 2x 3.75kg
12.5.2014: ZWOW 56: HK=378, SP=23, DR=7.5, JL=19, PU=15
13.5.2014: ZWOW 57: 15 min and 46 sec ( Killer workout!!!)
14.5.2014: ZWOW 58: 16 min and 26 sec, LP& PU-4.5kg, PP-9,25kg
15.5.2014: ZWOW 59: 15 min 53 sec, 9,25kg
16.5.2014: ZWOW 60: 11min and 54 sec,7.5kg and 2x 4kg
ZWOW 49: 19min and 19 sec, 2x 4kg
19.5.2014: ZWOW 61: 10 min and 23sec, 2x 4kg
ZWOW 55: 2R+ 2GS, 10.5kg
20.5.2014: ZWOW 62: 10min and 38sec, 10kg            + 15.45km BIKE
21.5.2014: ZWOW 63: 2R+ 20Step Ups, 5.5kg and 13kg
22.5.2014: ZWOW 70: 2R + 1 OAPU
23.5.2014: ZWOW 65: 19 min and 21 sec
ZWOW 64: 2R + 18 R&R (+2 after time), 13kg (but it felt too heavy)       +25km BIKE
26.5.2014: ZWOW 56: 24min and 9 sec        BDP (20reptile,40one leg push up)
27.5.2014: ZWOW 67: 2R + 20 SDL
ZWOW 68: 3R + 4JL, 2x 3kg
30.5.2014: ZWOW 46: 11min and 47sec, 2x3kg
ZWOW 47: 5R + 7FW/BW, 2x3kg
ZWOW 48: 5R + 2BPU, 2x3kg

JUNE 2014G -june-2014

This month I was trying Zuzka Lights ZCUT Power Cardio & Strength DVDs. I was not following with hers schedule because it was nothing for me so I created my own and it was definitely fun and I will return to those workouts which I liked. Maybe I should form some kind of rating… I will make note for myself.
2.6.2014: ZWOW 69: 19min and 10 sec, GS-10.5kg, PP-13kg    (DB- first 10 reps each round normal)
   ZCUT Power Cardio W1: 8min and 45sec
3.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W1: 10 min and 48 sec, 2x 3kg
4.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W2: 12min and 15 sec
    W3: 3 rounds
5.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W2: 10 min and 52 sec, 2x 3kg
   W3: 12 min and 57 sec, 2x 3kg              (killer for my arms!!!)
10.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W4: 11 min and 40 sec        (modif. PS- hold chair)
11.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W4: 30, 74, 44, 43, 82         (last 10 push-ups from knees)
W5: 9 min
12.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W5: 13 min and 7 sec,        (1st & 3rd 2×7.5kg, 2nd 2x 3kg, 4th 3kg)
13.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W6: 150, 94, 26, x (no break)
   Strength W6: 11 min and 5 sec, 2x 3kg
16.6.2014: ZCUT Cardio W7: 38, 74, 12, 115, 29       (didn’t like the workout!)   + 15R (40/40)
17.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W7: 14 min and 48 sec, 2x 3kg           + 4km RUN = 22min and 25sec
18.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W8: 12min and 58 sec
19.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W8: 11 min and 37 sec, 2x 3kg           + 4km RUN = 22min
20.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W9: 11min and 21sec
   Strength W9: 10 min and 57 sec, 2x 7.5kg            (killer – heavy weights!!!)
23.6.2014: ZCUT Cardio W10: 11min and 11sec
24.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W10: 12 min and 10 sec, 2x 4kg and 15kg       (15kg- too light)
25.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W11: 12min and 12 sec
30.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W12: 13min and 21sec, 2x 4kg

JULY 2014G - july-2014

1.7.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W11: 12 min and 23 sec, 2x 4kg
3.7.2014: ZCUT Cardio W12: 11min and 48sec
4.7.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio Bonus Abs W: 6min and 55sec
   Strength Bonus W: 11 min and 9sec
7.7.2014: ZWOW 71: 23min and 59sec, 2x 3.75kg
8.7.2014: Z SHRED 1: 14min, 2x 3.75kg
10.7.2014: ZWOW 71: 23min and 37sec, 2x 3.75kg
11.7.2014: Z SHRED 1: 14min, 2x 3.75kg
28.7.2014 – Insanity – Fit Test
Switch Kicks – 100, Power Jacks – 52, Power Knee – 100, Power Jumps – 50, Globe Jumps – 11, Suicide Jumps – 20,
Push-up Jacks – 20, Low Plank Oblique – 65

G -august-2014


This was one crazy month. So we were organizing our move from Austria to Slovakia , I was finishing my German course and we were with all this stress doing crazy Insanity. And of course I only found my results from the first fit test, but I know I did better the second time.
Ok. I think that’s it for this post and c u with my next one.

Peace and Love, G.


Insanity – Round 2- Month 2 Calendar + Fast and Furious review

Month 2

Ok so my plan for this month is to survive all the workouts. In worst case I will reduce it to 5 workouts a week instead of 6. But I only started so let’s hope for the best.

I did the fit test and the first workout of the month 2 … it’s a killer no way that I can accomplish them one after the other one. I did the fit test before lunch and the second one before diner.

You can check my first attempt for month 2 week 1 workouts here .

G -february-2014

Fast and Furious review

This workout packs a 45-minute INSANITY workout into 20 crazy minutes. So if you only have time to plead temporary INSANITY, this one’s for you. It may be short, but dynamite comes in small packages too.
Here is how the actual workout looks like:
1. Warm-up
2. Stretching
3. Workout

  • Jog
  • Jumping Jacks
  • 123 Heisman
  • Jump Rope / High Knees
  • Fall Squats ( like Jumping Jacks but this time you are not touching the hands above your head but you are touching the ground instead)
  • Plank Squats

Remember this video is entitled Fast and Furious, so you are looking for both speed and form.

  • Sprints – High, Low, Floor / Moving Push-Ups
  • Power Knees / Diamond Jumps
  • Ski Abs / In & Out / Oblique Push-ups – crazy combination!
  • High Knee Oblique Twist
  • Burpee Push-up Jacks
  • Power Jumps
  • Football Rolls / Plank Holds
  • Plank Punches
  • 100 Meter Dash

4. Cool Down Stretch

My opinion on the workout dvd:

Ok, where to start. Hmmm …. The way the video is arranged is just like the normal Insanity workouts, but only condensed into a 20 something minute workout. The format of this video is the same as the other Insanity DVD’s: Warm-up, Stretch, Workout, Cool Down, Finish as you can see in the breakdown above. The video has a long lead-in advertisement and a long Shakeology advertisement at the end!
Poor audio quality and camera work. The camera bouncing up and down as Shaun T moves up and down is annoying and amateur work.  Set up is in small gym (looks like apartment changed in the gym) … doesn’t seem like enough space for Shaun T and the girl and guy working out in the dvd,
Shaun T is certainly moving fast and driving the intensity, but there is a poor job of communicating with the home audience.The audio engineers did not capture his voice well enough to let you hear what he is saying all of the time. The group also shifts exercises without telling you, hopefully you have your eyes on the screen to catch it. This is the most random disorganized video I have ever seen. The transitions are terrible, there is no flow!
It is indeed an insane workout. Why? Because none of the three people working out (not even Shaun T) could keep up with the workout! It gets really insane in the middle when they do the fast phase workout and Shaun T kept saying you have to be ready! But none of them could do it! There’s one part when he says “I see no one jumping!” because they were all gasping for air including Shaun T! Total insanity!
Maybe I can understand that Shaun T needs some extra breaks because he is also talking during the workout … the Girl in the video is ROCK STAR (she was in previous workouts – Amber or something like that), but where the hell did they get the other guy!?! Mario or what was his name?! …complete idiot! ….doesn’t have a good form during the workouts …can’t keep up after 5 min in and he is just laughing – very funny that millions of people can see him on dvd how he makes fool of himself!
Definitely not good for beginners! It might be good substitute for normal Insanity workouts – especially for Pure Cardio on the busy days if you don’t mind the crap quality.
So I did it once but I just can’t follow something what looks like joke. I don’t think that I will do it again. Luckily I didn’t buy it myself, one of my friends did and I would recommend just send it back and get your money.
It could have been great workout if it was the same quality as the previous workouts. It’s a throw-away video that beach body decided to use to make more money. They should go back and send it as a free sample with other insanity DVDs or re-do it! Very disappointing.

Peace and Love, G.

Insanity – Round 2- Month 1 + Recovery Week

Month 1 Update

G - January-2014

I finished first month and of course it didn’t go as I planned .The last week of the month 1 I was down with flu so I was in the bed sleeping most of the time. 😦 But I was feeling better the following week so I continued with my schedule and did Core Cardio & Balance workout.

I still didn’t measure myself – silly me  >:o but I’m fine just with beating my scores on fit test and I’m really hoping that I will managed all workouts in month 2 – fingers crossed. O:)

So far I think I improved since my first attempt of Insanity. I can see it not only on my results on the fit test but also with my stretching – I’m able to go deeper and I’m getting more flexible. 🙂

And I did Fast and Furious workout once instead of Pure Cardio – just to try it out – review coming up soon…

Recovery Week Update

Ok so after one week off I was glad that it was recovery week. I was still feeling kind of tired and slow, but I wasn’t planning to skip any more workouts so I did my best. Starting slowly – I was taking many breaks the first two days but after that I was myself again and I finished the week strong.

My fit test Update:

FIT TEST 2Peace and Love, G.

Starting the new year with Insanity

January Workout Schedule – Insanity Round 2

I already started my new workout schedule! I was planning to start 1st of January but because it’s in the middle of the week and not on Monday when I usually start with the workout plans. This time is Sunday my first day and Saturday will be my rest day (because on this days we usually shop so it’s busy day for me).

I started with Insanity workouts again. 29.12 I did my first Fit Test again and I was killing it. I wasn’t hoping for such a good numbers after more relaxing weeks during December, but I’m very pleased with my scores and I have no idea how I will manage to beat the numbers next time.

First week is behind me and so far it feels almost like a first time I did the workouts, but I’m able to push myself more and I almost not taking any extra breaks. I’m loving the crazy cardio workouts but I’m not big fan of cardio recovery … looking forward to cardio,core & balance and month 2 workouts (fingers crossed that this time I will get trough the second month).

I still need to write down my measurements (this time into the calendar so I’m not searching for them everywhere like crazy). I will try to wear my heart rate monitor every time and maybe even write down my calorie burn for the workouts (if I finally find out how to do it).

Insanity – Fit Test – Round 2- Day 1

1.  Switch Kicks           112
2.  Power Jacks            60
3.  Power Knees            120
4.  Power Jumps            50
5.  Globe Jumps           12
6.  Suicide Jumps          23
7.  Push-up Jacks       30
8.  Low Plank Oblique      74

Insanity - January-2014

Peace and Love, G.

Insanity – Final Fit Test

I can’t believe that it is over ....final fit test ;( … but I’m very proud that I did it. 🙂

I finished my 2 months of Insanity yesterday with the final fit test. Every time I do the test I feel like I’m doing it for the first time, because every time I push myself harder. I’m very pleased with my results. For me doing the Insanity wasn’t really about losing weight, it was more about my mental strength to finally finish it. And I did it …yes it was 100% and it wasn’t always perfect but I kept going.

My ultimate favorite workout is Core Cardio and Balance. I’m still hating the shoulder burner exercises (can’t get through without short breaks!), but I’m loving the hip flexor burners!

My biggest struggle was with the workouts in the month 2. I personally think that they are pretty advance so if anyone else struggle with them I suggest that you go back to month one. And next time when I will be doing the Insanity I will do the month 2 workouts for sure! Insanity I will be definitely back with you in 2014 😉

So here are my fit test results from day 1 to 63:

fit test

I’m happy with my improvement in numbers 😉

And here are my results in cm:
Arm         -0.5 cm
Waist       -3 cm
Abs         -2.5 cm
Butt        -2.5 cm
Tights      –1.5 cm
Calf        -0.8 cm

So you can get definitely good results also without following the diet program with it. I’m pretty tiny so for me it’s harder to lose big amount of weight. And for me it’s mostly about maintaining and toning anyway. So whatever your goal is .. if you commit you will succeed .

Peace and love, G.

Insanity Month 2 Week 3 & Week 4

M2W3&4Last Two Weeks of Insanity

I’m feeling better this week and  I’m slowly getting back on track so I’m returning back to month 1 workouts. And I will finish my 2 months of Insanity with some modifications. So if you think that month 2 workouts are too intense or too advance go back to month 1 workouts it’s still better that quitting all together.

This month will fly by so fast …. We won’t even catch our breath and we will be in NEW year.

I already scheduled my workouts for entire December. After Insanity I will take it little bit easier on myself. We are going home for Christmas and I’m planning to do some catching up with my family and friends, but I will do also my workouts. Last year I did workouts also during X-mas, and New Year’s Eve and it felt so good so I think I will do the same this year too.

Ok, so after Insanity I will return to Zuzka Light workouts and I will combine ZCUT Power Strength with her Cardio Series which I already tried before. I will do workouts Monday – Friday and if I do something during the weekend than that will be my bonus. And regarding the Insanity workouts I will definitely try them again in new year.
So for the last two weeks I created my own workout calendar and this is how my schedule for last two weeks is looking:

24.11      Fit Test & Max Interval Circuit
25.11      Max Interval Plyo           
                     Fit Test – My scores:Day50
Not much improvement there but at least I haven’t had worst scores than the previous times. Even one extra rep is always better than no extra or even one less. I have to push myself extra hard those last days to get better scores on my final one 😉
26.11      Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs       
               Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
27.11      Max recovery                    
               Cardio recovery
28.11      Max Interval Circuit         
                Cardio Power & Resistance
29.11      Core Cardio & Balance      
                Plyometric Cardio Circuit
30.11      Rest

1.12        Core Cardio & Balance
2.12        Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
3.12        Cardio Power & Resistance
4.12        Plyometric Cardio Circuit
5.12        Core Cardio & Balance
6.12        Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
7.12        Plyometric Cardio Circuit

8.12        FINAL FIT TEST

Peace and love, G.

Insanity Month 2 Week 1

M2W1I was planning to write this already on Sunday but I was just not feeling like being on the computer whatsoever so I just relaxed instead. And Monday and Tuesday were similar, I was just too busy doing other things, but finally today  here it is:

My workout log for Month 2 – week 1


First, I had to do the 28 minute Fit Test (which is a day’s workout itself basically) to prove to myself that I have improved. Here are again my fit test results from this day: Day36

Max Interval Circuit: 59 min
First 10 min is warm up and then stretching. And then there is 43 minutes of Insanity (just the last 4 minutes is cool down)! This is just crazy! … from the warm up to the actual workout. ( I hate Pedal/Power Lunges it’s sprit on the place with 4 jump lunges in between – just crazy!, then Ski Abs/Jacks/In & Out/Oblique – 4 of each …wow! wow! wow!) 45 min in and you are done! Hoping that you are done but no you still have 15 min to go! Than 3 min of cool down and then. Congrats – you survived your first Max Interval workout!!

And after an hour and half workout for today I’m glad that I’m still standing!

Max Interval Plyo: 55 min
Feeling little bit sore after yesterday and I feel like I’m back in my month one again. his is a plyometric workout which focuses on the big muscle groups and makes your heart skyrocket. After this one you will feel your upper body for sure!

Max Cardio Conditioning: 48 min
This time, the workout does not consist of circuits (like the previous two).  The main part of the workout, lasts about 29 minutes and each move lasts about a minute. Football Runs – Sprint in place and then fall down into a push-up/plank position (so NO resting on the ground! – the only parts of your body touching the ground are your feet and hands) Not an easy one! Crazy Diamond jumps, In-Out Push Up Jacks, Suicide Jumps, … and many other crazy exercises. Just remember that this is Insanity Month 2.

14.11      MAX RECOVERY
Max Recovery: 47 minutes
Remember Cardio Recovery from Month 1? Do you really think that this one will be easier? Are you sure?!
Lunges, plies and planks …. Sounds simple but it’s not and definitely not easy either. Remember this is month 2 and the workout has MAX in its name. So get ready for crazy, slow and definitely torturing stretch moves!
Not a big fan of the warm up. Flat Back to Rounded Back – You do this with your legs shoulder width apart.  Then, you do some while lunging to the sides.  You basically hear Shaun T say, “contract, relax, contract, relax, contract, relax” for a while. But when you somehow push yourself to do it that you will get to more fun and more challenging part.


This workouts are really crazy! And I don’t feel ready for this madness and I’m thinking about returning to workouts from the month 1 instead. I don’t know yet. But I’m sure doing month 1 again is better than quitting! I will see how I feel before my workout today.

Peace and love, G.