Starting the new year with Insanity

January Workout Schedule – Insanity Round 2

I already started my new workout schedule! I was planning to start 1st of January but because it’s in the middle of the week and not on Monday when I usually start with the workout plans. This time is Sunday my first day and Saturday will be my rest day (because on this days we usually shop so it’s busy day for me).

I started with Insanity workouts again. 29.12 I did my first Fit Test again and I was killing it. I wasn’t hoping for such a good numbers after more relaxing weeks during December, but I’m very pleased with my scores and I have no idea how I will manage to beat the numbers next time.

First week is behind me and so far it feels almost like a first time I did the workouts, but I’m able to push myself more and I almost not taking any extra breaks. I’m loving the crazy cardio workouts but I’m not big fan of cardio recovery … looking forward to cardio,core & balance and month 2 workouts (fingers crossed that this time I will get trough the second month).

I still need to write down my measurements (this time into the calendar so I’m not searching for them everywhere like crazy). I will try to wear my heart rate monitor every time and maybe even write down my calorie burn for the workouts (if I finally find out how to do it).

Insanity – Fit Test – Round 2- Day 1

1.  Switch Kicks           112
2.  Power Jacks            60
3.  Power Knees            120
4.  Power Jumps            50
5.  Globe Jumps           12
6.  Suicide Jumps          23
7.  Push-up Jacks       30
8.  Low Plank Oblique      74

Insanity - January-2014

Peace and Love, G.


Insanity – Final Fit Test

I can’t believe that it is over fit test ;( … but I’m very proud that I did it. 🙂

I finished my 2 months of Insanity yesterday with the final fit test. Every time I do the test I feel like I’m doing it for the first time, because every time I push myself harder. I’m very pleased with my results. For me doing the Insanity wasn’t really about losing weight, it was more about my mental strength to finally finish it. And I did it …yes it was 100% and it wasn’t always perfect but I kept going.

My ultimate favorite workout is Core Cardio and Balance. I’m still hating the shoulder burner exercises (can’t get through without short breaks!), but I’m loving the hip flexor burners!

My biggest struggle was with the workouts in the month 2. I personally think that they are pretty advance so if anyone else struggle with them I suggest that you go back to month one. And next time when I will be doing the Insanity I will do the month 2 workouts for sure! Insanity I will be definitely back with you in 2014 😉

So here are my fit test results from day 1 to 63:

fit test

I’m happy with my improvement in numbers 😉

And here are my results in cm:
Arm         -0.5 cm
Waist       -3 cm
Abs         -2.5 cm
Butt        -2.5 cm
Tights      –1.5 cm
Calf        -0.8 cm

So you can get definitely good results also without following the diet program with it. I’m pretty tiny so for me it’s harder to lose big amount of weight. And for me it’s mostly about maintaining and toning anyway. So whatever your goal is .. if you commit you will succeed .

Peace and love, G.