November 2014

November Calendar

November 2014

So first half of the month is already behind me … I can’t believe it! I’m checking my personal organizer (no I’m not Filofax fan or any other leather diary fan) and I’m way behind from last month, but I’m going to step it up this month!

I’m back in London, slowly adjusting and settling down and I’m back to my training. First week I was more or less just catching up with sleeping and putting this place in shape. But I’m back and I’m also back to Zuzka Lights workouts… I just missed the high intensity and the challenge. So good bye Body Beach Workouts! Welcome back Zuzka Light 🙂
Zuzka recently changed or updated her site and first week of November was also free look into her ZGYM, so I wrote down her workouts and I’m completing them one by one …. so far I love every single one, but that’s not a surprise.

For now I’m also limited with my equipment, I have of course my speed rope and I have 8kg kettlebell, but I’m planning to update my collection before end of the year.

Week 1 in my ZGYM

Body Crush 1 aka ZWOW 117 – 11min and 44 sec
JRC X 1 (Jump Rope Cardio) – worst jump roping ever! way too many interruptions and ZERO double unders
Power Yoga 1
Body Crush 2 aka ZWOW 118 – in 15 min AMRAP I did 1 round and 10 Side Lunge Jump combo
Tabata 1 – new one – I was keeping up with Zuzka

Week 2 in my ZGYM

Body Crush 3 aka ZWOW 119 – 11 min and 50 sec
JRC X 2 (Jump Rope Cardio) – killer cardio but I did better than last week and I even tried double unders, managed 2 solid ones
Power Yoga 2
Body Crush 1 aka ZWOW 117 – beating my personal best!
Tabata or other workout

And the following week I will be doing similar workouts. I will be updating before end of this month.

November Update:

Week 2 in ZGYM

Tabata or other workout  Cardio Shred 1 : 16 min – 2x3kg dumbbells & 8kg Kettlebell

Week 3 in ZGYM

Body Crush 4.: 14 min and 25 sec
Cardio Shred 2.: 14min and 5sec – 2x3kg DB & 8kg KB
Power Yoga 2.
Day off
Body Crush 2. : 2 rounds – 4 Push ups ( next time I’m going for full 2 rounds)

Peace and love, G


April – August 2014

I’m back with updates!

This is going to be one very very loooong personal organizer
So I was offline for some time because I was pretty busy with school and learning German. But I managed to past my A2 level test without any problems (and I skipped the level A1 completely 😉 )And in July we some-how decided to leave Austria so the life got again crazy. On the end of the last month we moved all our stuff to my Moms, where we are staying until beginning of October, when we will be moving back to UK. Looks like German speaking country is just not for us – at least not for now.
With all the cleanings I’m also cleaning up my computer so I want to upload all my workout calendars too. For now I was marking everything into my personal organizer which I created myself. I just bought A6 folder for myself and I printed out calendar. This way I have my own unique organizer which suites to my needs with beautiful green pages.

APRIL 2014G - april-2014

So I was continuing with Zwows also this month with some breaks due to sickness.
1.4.2014: ZWOW 32: 8 min and 24 sec, no run 2x 5.5kg
2.4.2014: ZWOW 33: 3R + 3SPLL-R             (SPLL – most difficult)
3.4.2014: ZWOW 34: 13 min and 39 sec      (1.-3. 5.5kg, 4. 16.5kg)
4.4.2014: ZWOW 35: 12 min and 29 sec, 5.5kg (PS with chair, DB from 2nd R modif.)
7.4.2014: ZWOW 36: 9 min and 16 sec, 2x 4kg (little bit heavy for the punches)
8.4.2014: ZWOW 37: no breaks, but I was keeping up with Zuzka
9.4.2014: ZWOW 38: 13 min and 28 sec, DS- 5.5kg
10.4.2014: ZWOW 39: 9 min and 45 sec, 5.5kg
11.4.2014: ZWOW 40: 9 min and 48 sec, 2x 3kg        + 10R (15/45) = 1247
14.4.2014: ZWOW 41: 14 min and 6 sec, 5.5 kg
15.4.2014: ZWOW 42: 12 min and 51 sec    + 10R (15/45) = 1277
16.4.2014: ZWOW 43: 2R + 25 SSU          + 10R (15/45) = 1286
17.4.2014: ZWOW 44: 10 min and 5 sec, 4.5kg
18.4.2014: ZWOW 45: 13 min and 1 sec, 2x 3.75kg  + 10R (15/45) = 1341

MAY 2014G - may-2014

 I just love Zuzka Light and her workouts and I will keep doing them over and over again.
5.5.2014: ZWOW 51: 13 min and 36 sec      (only 8 normal DB- rest from my knees)
6.5.2014: ZWOW 52: 11min and 24sec        (PS between door frame- R leg better)
7.5.2014: ZWOW 53: 11min and 28sec
8.5.2014: ZWOW 54: 11min and 20sec, 2x 3.75kg
12.5.2014: ZWOW 56: HK=378, SP=23, DR=7.5, JL=19, PU=15
13.5.2014: ZWOW 57: 15 min and 46 sec ( Killer workout!!!)
14.5.2014: ZWOW 58: 16 min and 26 sec, LP& PU-4.5kg, PP-9,25kg
15.5.2014: ZWOW 59: 15 min 53 sec, 9,25kg
16.5.2014: ZWOW 60: 11min and 54 sec,7.5kg and 2x 4kg
ZWOW 49: 19min and 19 sec, 2x 4kg
19.5.2014: ZWOW 61: 10 min and 23sec, 2x 4kg
ZWOW 55: 2R+ 2GS, 10.5kg
20.5.2014: ZWOW 62: 10min and 38sec, 10kg            + 15.45km BIKE
21.5.2014: ZWOW 63: 2R+ 20Step Ups, 5.5kg and 13kg
22.5.2014: ZWOW 70: 2R + 1 OAPU
23.5.2014: ZWOW 65: 19 min and 21 sec
ZWOW 64: 2R + 18 R&R (+2 after time), 13kg (but it felt too heavy)       +25km BIKE
26.5.2014: ZWOW 56: 24min and 9 sec        BDP (20reptile,40one leg push up)
27.5.2014: ZWOW 67: 2R + 20 SDL
ZWOW 68: 3R + 4JL, 2x 3kg
30.5.2014: ZWOW 46: 11min and 47sec, 2x3kg
ZWOW 47: 5R + 7FW/BW, 2x3kg
ZWOW 48: 5R + 2BPU, 2x3kg

JUNE 2014G -june-2014

This month I was trying Zuzka Lights ZCUT Power Cardio & Strength DVDs. I was not following with hers schedule because it was nothing for me so I created my own and it was definitely fun and I will return to those workouts which I liked. Maybe I should form some kind of rating… I will make note for myself.
2.6.2014: ZWOW 69: 19min and 10 sec, GS-10.5kg, PP-13kg    (DB- first 10 reps each round normal)
   ZCUT Power Cardio W1: 8min and 45sec
3.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W1: 10 min and 48 sec, 2x 3kg
4.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W2: 12min and 15 sec
    W3: 3 rounds
5.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W2: 10 min and 52 sec, 2x 3kg
   W3: 12 min and 57 sec, 2x 3kg              (killer for my arms!!!)
10.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W4: 11 min and 40 sec        (modif. PS- hold chair)
11.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W4: 30, 74, 44, 43, 82         (last 10 push-ups from knees)
W5: 9 min
12.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W5: 13 min and 7 sec,        (1st & 3rd 2×7.5kg, 2nd 2x 3kg, 4th 3kg)
13.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W6: 150, 94, 26, x (no break)
   Strength W6: 11 min and 5 sec, 2x 3kg
16.6.2014: ZCUT Cardio W7: 38, 74, 12, 115, 29       (didn’t like the workout!)   + 15R (40/40)
17.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W7: 14 min and 48 sec, 2x 3kg           + 4km RUN = 22min and 25sec
18.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W8: 12min and 58 sec
19.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W8: 11 min and 37 sec, 2x 3kg           + 4km RUN = 22min
20.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W9: 11min and 21sec
   Strength W9: 10 min and 57 sec, 2x 7.5kg            (killer – heavy weights!!!)
23.6.2014: ZCUT Cardio W10: 11min and 11sec
24.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W10: 12 min and 10 sec, 2x 4kg and 15kg       (15kg- too light)
25.6.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio W11: 12min and 12 sec
30.6.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W12: 13min and 21sec, 2x 4kg

JULY 2014G - july-2014

1.7.2014: ZCUT Power Strength W11: 12 min and 23 sec, 2x 4kg
3.7.2014: ZCUT Cardio W12: 11min and 48sec
4.7.2014: ZCUT Power Cardio Bonus Abs W: 6min and 55sec
   Strength Bonus W: 11 min and 9sec
7.7.2014: ZWOW 71: 23min and 59sec, 2x 3.75kg
8.7.2014: Z SHRED 1: 14min, 2x 3.75kg
10.7.2014: ZWOW 71: 23min and 37sec, 2x 3.75kg
11.7.2014: Z SHRED 1: 14min, 2x 3.75kg
28.7.2014 – Insanity – Fit Test
Switch Kicks – 100, Power Jacks – 52, Power Knee – 100, Power Jumps – 50, Globe Jumps – 11, Suicide Jumps – 20,
Push-up Jacks – 20, Low Plank Oblique – 65

G -august-2014


This was one crazy month. So we were organizing our move from Austria to Slovakia , I was finishing my German course and we were with all this stress doing crazy Insanity. And of course I only found my results from the first fit test, but I know I did better the second time.
Ok. I think that’s it for this post and c u with my next one.

Peace and Love, G.

February + March Workout Update

February Update

G-February-2014So I was supposed to finish Insanity Month 2, but after the first 5 days I was just not into it and I decided to take some time off to get some motivation. Second week of February I did only some stretching and yoga and every other day couple minutes of jump rope. And after that I decided that it was time to return to my favorite workouts from Zuzka.

Last two week I did ZWOW workouts from Zuzka Light. After the first workout ZWOD 1. I was completely done and it took me LONG 18 min and 20 sec. The Pistol Squats are killer (I’m still not able to do them completely – I’m doing only modified version), but after the Insanity I thought that I would do little bit better. Also my push-ups are worse than ever. And I have to say that I this was really bad month for me for some reason. But it’s all behind me now so let’s move on.

So here are my times and scores for this time:
ZWOD 1: 17.2.2014: 18 min and 20 sec
ZWOD 2: 18.2.2014: 13 min and 4 sec  2x3kg
ZWOW 3: 19.2.2014: 12 min and 11 sec  no weights
ZWOW 4: 20.2.2014:  time: ?  10kg weight
ZWOW 5: 21.2.2014: 4 rounds   2x 3kg
ZWOW 6: 22.2.2014: almost 5 rounds only 4JLK missing   8kg
ZWOW 7: 23.2.2014: 14 min and 22 sec
7.6.2012: 14 min and 30 sec     
          4.9.2012: 14 min and 17 sec
ZWOW 8: 24.2.2014: 14 min
          8.6.2012:11min and 9 sec +20 min skipping  
          5.9.2012: 14min and 28 sec
ZWOW 9: 27.2.2014: 3 rounds + 5PPT
9.6.2012: 3 rounds   6.9.2012: 3 rounds + 10SPU
ZWOW 10: 28.2.2014: 2 rounds + 13KJ   8kg
10.6.2012: 3 rounds    7.9.2012: 2 rounds + 6RB

March Calendar

So I’m continuing with ZWOWs this month and when I will feel like it I will add  ZCUT Cardio or jump rope and ZCUT Strength. I will schedule only workouts from Monday till Friday and have weekends off. Weather is becoming nicer so most of the time I will go out on the weekends with my husband so it will be active rest.

Here is my calendar for this month:

G- march-2014 

3.3.2014: ZWOW 11: 5R+ 10SPU
14.3.2014: ZWOW 13:
ZWOW 15: 18 min and 21sec, 1.& 3.-2x 3kg,2.-3kg       +4km RUN
17.3.2014: ZWOW 21: 5R + 1BH
ZWOW 14: 16min and 30 sec, 2x 3kg                     +3km RUN
18.3.2014: ZWOW 22: 13min and 37sec
19.3.2014: ZWOW 23: 17min and 18sec

20.3.2014: ZWOW 24: 3R + 5DB    (from 2nd R after 5-modif.DB)
ZWOW 16: 3R + 5OL, 2x 4kg                      +3km RUN
21.3.2014: ZWOW 18: 25min and 34sec
ZWOW 19: 24min and 8 sec         (all PS chair modif.)
24.3.2014: ZWOW 17: 3R + 3WL
ZWOW 20: 10 min
ZWOW 25: 11min and 11sec, 2x 4kg
25.3.2014: ZWOW 27:       OS-4.5kg, WL-5.5kg
ZWOW 26:
26.3.2014: ZWOW 28: 3R + 6DK-R
27.3.2014: ZWOW 29: 3R + 50SH
29.3.2014: 4KM RUN
31.3.2014: ZWOW 31: 17min and 7sec

Peace and love, G.

Month 4, Day 25


My training log for today

So it’s Friday again. And somehow I managed today two workouts :D. I was planing to finished all the free ZWOWs before and of this month and I did it. I was slacking here and there but I did finished them all in time. 😉
So here are last to ZWOWs with my scores and description:

ZWOW #69 – Abs and cardio

75 reps – High Knees with Jump Rope
25 reps – Goblet Squat with Dumbbell with 30lbs Dumbbell
75 reps – High Knees with Jump Rope
25 reps – Dive Bomber Push Ups
75 reps – High Knees with Jump Rope
25 reps – Plank Pull with 30lbs Dumbbell

2 rounds for time
Zuzka’s time: 18 min and 20 sec (30 lbs = 13.6kg)

My time:
30.8.2013: 18 min and 4 sec     and I was using 10.5kg dumbbell. The most challenging exercise for me were Dive Bomber Push Ups and I swapped to beginners modification in second round after fifth rep (so I did 5 regular and 20 modified).

ZWOW #70 – Crazy B Workout  10 min AMRAP

5 – Ninja Jump Tucks
5 – Crazy B Burpees
10+10 – One Arm Press Up
(10 on each arm)
5 – Crazy B Burpees

Your goal is to complete as many rounds as possible while keeping a good form.
Zuzka’s score: 2 rounds
My score:
30.8.2013: 2 rounds + 5 Ninja Jump Tucks

Doing those two ZWOWs one after another was crazy. I was already done after the first one. Luckily for me the second one was only 10 min long. I’m not a big fun of the last ZWOW, but I’m glad I did it.

Love and peace, G.

Month 4, Day 23


My training log for today

It’ already Wednesday. The time is really running and our kittens are three weeks old today. 😉

So today I did two 12 min long AMRAP ZWOWs and here is the description with my scores:

ZWOW #67 – Scorpio Workout – 12 min AMRAP

Burpee Stretch 10 reps
Scorpio Dead-Lift with 12kg Kettlebell or dumbbell 10 reps each leg
Star Crunch 10 reps followed by a Strait Legged Bridge – Repeat 3 times in a row

Zuzka’s scores: 2 rounds+ 1st 10 SDL

My scores:
28.8.2013: 3 rounds – 3 sets of the last exercise ( so I managed 2 rounds and one leg dead lift on both legs and I was using 8kg dumbbell)

ZWOW #68 – Hot 12 Minute Workout AMRAP

Jump lunge 3x & side stretch – 10 reps
Scorpion Push Ups – 5 reps on each side
Squat and Leg Lift – 20 reps
Plank & Ski Squat – 10 reps

Zuzka’s score: 2 rounds and 1S&LL ( Zuzka was using two 8lbs dumbbells for first,third and fourth exercise)

My score:
28.8.2013: 2 rounds + 20 S&LL ( I was using two 4kg dumbbells for last two exercises. No weights for Jump Lunges)
 Love and peace, G.

Month 4, Day 22


My training log for today

Tuesday was little bit better for me. I dunno why but I’m for some reason not really in the mood for working out. But I pushed myself and I did one of the last free ZWOW’s.

ZWOW #66  – 300 Rep Pale Body Workout

60 reps  Jump Up & Star Lift
60 reps  James Bond Lunge
60 reps  Monkey Business (Pike Press & Jump Tuck)
60 reps  Side Crunch – 30 on each side
60 reps  Break-dance Push Up ( Reptile Push Up with Twist)

Zuzka’s time: 28 min and 30 sec. (Break-dance Push Up: 20 Reptile Push Ups, 10 Regular Push Ups, 30 Push Ups from Knees)

My time:
27.8.2013: 26 min and 19 sec (Break-dance Push Up: 2 Reptile Push Ups, 28 One Leg Push Ups, 30 Regular Push Ups)

Running time:

It was raining here most of the day. Luckily it stopped and we were able to go out for run. It wasn’t cold, it was nice warm around 18°C, but it was damp and the air was thin. It wasn’t the easiest three rounds in the park but we did managed them :D. I have the feeling that it’s not going to be easier only harder and not just because of the weather changes. 😦 But we will keep running at least three times a week and we will improve. 😉

6km under 36 min

Month 4, Day 15


My training log for today 

It was really crazy day for me. I was most of the day cleaning up our flat. It took me more than 5 hours to do it so I was definitely burning some calories there. Than I did another butt ZWOW and in the evening I went with my husband for another run.

ZWOW #65  – Best Bodyweight Butt Workout 

5+5 Pistols
10 Vertical Leap
10+10 One Leg Lunge & Dead Lift 
– you will need a chair

20 Side Lunge Jump
10+10 One Leg Bridge
20+20 Standing Leg Lifts – use a chair or a wall for support

Go through this circuit 3 times as fast as you can, but pay attention to your form.

Zuzka’s time: 20 min and 58 sec

My time:

20.8.2013: 20 min and 37 sec

Running time:

Today it was quite fresh outside with strong wind, but we went for the run anyway. After my crazy cleaning day I was not really feeling for three rounds today so we did only two.

4km 25 min