October 2014

HAPPY WORLD ANIMAL DAY everyone!World-Animal-Day

Please ask yourself what can you do for animals today and any other day, because they all do deserve better lives too.

I’m vegan because I believe that all animals deserve better lives and better deaths too. Many people ask why should they care about animals when they or other people suffer, why should they care about something what doesn’t think. I say why not? Just because our lives are not perfect or better jet doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care about somebody else. And animals are SOMEBODY not someTHING – they feel – they care! And there wouldn’t be a hunger if we wouldn’t waste our food and water to feed farm animals to produce small amount of food, if we would feed this food directly to people there wouldn’t be hunger.

Raising animals for food requires massive amounts of land, food, energy, and water and contributes to animal suffering.

It takes up to 13 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat, and even fish on fish farms must be fed up to 5 pounds of wild-caught fish to produce 1 pound of farmed fish flesh.

It takes more than 11 times as much fossil fuel to make one calorie from animal protein as it does to make one calorie from plant protein.

For more visit: http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-food/meat-wastes-natural-resources/

If it’s too hard for you to go straight to vegan diet – try first vegetarian diet, try meatless Mondays and add Wednesdays and Fridays… make a step the right direction for better life for you, your family, animals and our planet.

October schedule

But on the other note:G - october-2014

I can’t believe that is already OCTOBER here. How did it happened so fast??????????! I’m like 3 weeks in PIYO workout with my own schedule…of course my diet is not perfect and also my fitness is not what it used to be back in Austria, but I’m moving…. some days more than others . The weather is changing … it’s cold and rainy and many times I’m not feeling like getting out of the bed. But staying in such a state of mind is also not helping so let’s put some fun music on and let’s do it!

My PIYO workouts – 3 weeks in

Of course I’m missing accurate measurements to compare to (again I forgot to measure myself when I started- silly me, but never mind). 8)

Some workouts are more challenging than others, but I’m learning the moves and improving my form. Still not able to do triceps push ups, but I will get there. I’m slowly improving my flexibility and working on my strength.

I also started Chalene’s 30 Day Challenge to Master Organization and Achieve Your Goals and here is the link: https://teamjohnson.infusionsoft.com/app/form/success/42699f485e18e0f7362dcef71941c94d/887173/276f9c7a9ff95ab5682a87ee949c2cb8

I really like Chalene and her personality.

And this time I decided to write down my measurements here so I get better motivation to succeed ..fingers crossed 😛

so here it is:

R arm: 31cm
Chest: 86 cm
Waist: 72.5cm
Abs: 82.5cm
Butt: 89cm
R Thigh: 54cm
R Calf: 34.2cm


I will post update of my schedule when I will know.

My October schedule is not entirely decided yet ..it all depends when I’m leaving to UK and so on…

that’s it for now.

Peace and love,G.


September 2014

G - september-2014

September Workout Schedule

It’s already past middle of the month and I’m still sorting out my stuff and trying to organize everything what we want to keep and what we want to ged rid of. So far  September was and still is kind of lazy for me and it also shows on my Up application from Jawbone. BTW I absolutely love my fitness band.

Jawbone UP

The Jawbone UP is a fitness accessory and iPhone app.
It looks like a simple rubber wristband. But under the rubber is a device that can keep track of how much you’ve moved throughout the day and even alert you if you’ve been sitting around for too long. You wear it all the time, removing it only whenever you need to synchronize the data or charge the wristband, or when you are taking shower or going for swim. It also monitors your sleep patterns during the night. The app has a food diary feature that allows you enter your meals so that you can see if you’re burnjawboneUPing more calories than you’re consuming. And you can also connect with friends and you will see their progress too.
There is also possibility to sync your UP app with My Fitness Pall, Runkeeper, Map My Fitness, Lose It and others
It’s not the newest model and might not be even one of the best models out there but for now it suites all my needs.

So those last 3 weeks I rarely hit my goals. But I’m working on it and slowly getting back on track…at least until we move again. But nobody is perfect and there are always some bad days but important is to keep moving forward.

On Sunday I started with new workout plan – DVDs from Chalene Johnson.
Chalene Johnson

ChJ is an American physical fitness authority, choreographer, author, and entrepreneur. Chalene is most notable for creating the exercise video system known as TurboFire, developed and sold by Beachbody. She combined music, dancing, and martial arts as a basis for her workout system. DVD workouts also by her TurboJam, ChaLEAN Extreme, TurboKick, Hip Hop Hustle and newest edition PiYo workout.
I tried some of her previous workouts but they were just to long for my busy schedule or it was just not possible for me where I was living and then I forgot about it. And recently I came across PiYO and I decided to try it out.

PiYo workoutpiyo-info 2

So, what is PiYo? Piyo is a stretch, flexibility and strength workout promising to deliver the same results as Yoga, Pilates and interval training combined. It features all of the benefits that you get from Pilates and Yoga, including flexibility and core training, but with extra cardio and strength training to really make you sweat. No heavy weights or jumping involved so you do not have to worry about high-impact moves that will be hard on the knees or that your neighbors will be complaining about the noise.

Here are the workouts with short description:

Align: The Fundamentals (40 minutes)
Align is an all in one it’s workout that helps you understand the correct form required to perform each of the moves in the PiYo program. It explains PiYo terminology, proper core alignment and also includes modifications for those that require them to complete each workout.
My opinion: more like introduction than and actual workout, but it’s important to go through it especially when you are not familiar with yoga. Because you need to know the moves, do them properly otherwise you are just wasting time.

Define: Lower Body (25 minutes)
This lower body workout focuses on the thighs, calves and buttocks. It works every muscle in your lower extremities, including your hamstrings and quad muscles, to give you long, lean legs.
My opinion: some moves are challenging but in the end I felt like I can do another one.

Define: Upper Body (35 minutes)
If you want the arms to stop flapping in the wind, this upper body workout can help make that happen. It will help reshape your arms by focusing much of the moves on your shoulders, biceps and triceps. This workout will also work your chest and give you upper body strength that most feel is unattainable without weights.
My opinion: same like the previous one, some moves are challenging but in the end I felt like I can do another one.

Sweat (35 minutes)
This is one of the faster paced workouts that works every muscle in your body. It includes a lot of yoga influences done at a dynamic speed to help make you burn calories and sweat for the entire 35 minutes.
My opinion: ok so this one I finally felt like I was really working out and I was sweating too.

Sculpt (30 minutes)
This workout will work your muscles at different tempos to keep challenging them. You will feel the burn as you go through each exercise and hold positions to challenge your endurance.

Core (30 minutes)
Working the core is vital in achieving a long, lean physique and that is exactly what this workout does. It will help you obtain the flat abs that so many hope for. All moves are designed to lengthen and strengthen the midsection.

Strength Intervals (25 minutes)
This non-stop interval workout includes various movements done at a fast pace to help burn the maximum amount of calories. It works every muscle in your body and will get your heart rate up almost immediately.

Drench (45 minutes)
Drench will take you through a warm up and stretch of your upper and lower body, then quickly transition you to a fast paced, cardio portion to bump up your heart rate and speed up your metabolism. It will culminate with a lower body segment to help improve endurance and balance in your legs and core.

Buns (Bonus Workout 25 minutes)
Flat butt be gone with this bonus workout! It will lift your buttocks and redefine your entire backside with a variety of moves that also work the legs and thighs.

Hardcore on the Floor
This workout is available only if the program is purchased through a Beachbody coach. It is an all-body workout designed to strengthen every muscle from head to toe and can be added to days that you are doing other workouts in the series for increased intensity.

What I like on the DVDs: There is a modifier- Michele in every workout. What’s awesome is she does the moves from a side view where as everyone else is facing forward. It is really nice to be able to see how each move looks from the front and side.  It greatly helps with correct form.  In addition, you always have the option to go in to Child’s Pose between moves in the event that you need a little break.

What do you need for the workouts:
NO equipment is necessary!!
Exercise mat or yoga mat is recommended. And most of the workout you can do barefoot.

I’m following the basic plan and so far I tried only the introduction and first 3 workouts, today I’m supposed to repeat Define: Lower Body but I think that I will add to it another workout and see how it goes. And of course I’m not following the diet plan, but I’m trying to eat as clean as possible. I’m hoping that this workouts will help me with flexibility and strenghtening my core.

And I will have to change up the calendar to go with my needs and moods 😉 and of course I will be posting updates regarding the workouts and my progress.


Peace and love, G.