January= VeganuaryVeganTM_col

I can’t believe it next Sunday is already February. How did it happen? That’s just crazy.

But the first month of New Year isn’t bad so far. My Jawbone fitness bracelet died after Xmas, but I’m truly blessed with wonderful husband and I have Fitbit now. Still not sure how I feel about it tho, but I like the display part 😀

I joined Veganuary (people going vegans for month of January) and I was pretty surprise how many people joined the group… fingers crossed that most of them will stay vegans. Yay J Go vegans!


So far I managed to work on my story ( I’m 3 chapters in) and I’m keeping up with my workouts, the eating habits are still an issue, but I’m working on it too 😉 So let’s see what I did so far:

january 2015

January workout schedule:

1.1.2015 Body Crush 7.     ?
2.1          Cardio Shred 6.    17min and 21sec

5.1          B-Crush 10.          23 min
6.1          C-Shred 8.             HK=364, CL-L=27.5, CL-R=26, KS=90, KB-T=18
7.1          P-Yoga 9.   +         20R (10/50) = HK=1202, 1-2=1063
8.1          B-Crush 8.             18 min and 25 sec
9.1          C-Shred 7.             13 min 31 sec

12.1        B-Crush 11.          2R + 1 JS+2MC
13.1        C-Shred 9.             123=21, SPU=16, JL-LL=30, HK=251, SLL=37, GS=17,KS=60
14.1        P-Yoga 10.   +       20R (10/50) = HK=1290, 1-2=1098
15.1        B-Crush 9.             2R+ 4TH exercise- 10MC
16.1        C-Shred 8.             HK=408, CL-L=27, CL-R=27, KS=92, KB-T=21
                         +44,       -1/2,           +1,       =2,           +3

19.1        BENCHMARK WORKOUT 24min 44sec 1st R Pistols, 2nd -4th Surrender Squats
20.1        C-Shred 10.           12min and 59 sec
21.1        P-Yoga 11.
               + C-Shred 10.       17min and 16 sec
22.1        B-Crush 10.          22min and 31sec
23.1        C-Shred 9.             123=31, SPU=17, JL-LL=36, HK=261, SLL=43, GS=17,KS=63
                  +10,         +1,       +6,       +10,        +5,      +0.5,     +3
                 + C-Shred 10.           12 min and 29sec

24.1        B-Crash 11.
25.1        C-Shred 11.

26.-30.1 ZWOWs ???

I’m not sure with next week schedule yet, maybe I will try new versions of ZWOW’s.


Benchmark workout it’s like a fit test in ZGYM and I must say it was a KILLER! I must be crazy but I’m looking forward doing it again in February to see if I improved.

Peace and love, G.


October 2014

HAPPY WORLD ANIMAL DAY everyone!World-Animal-Day

Please ask yourself what can you do for animals today and any other day, because they all do deserve better lives too.

I’m vegan because I believe that all animals deserve better lives and better deaths too. Many people ask why should they care about animals when they or other people suffer, why should they care about something what doesn’t think. I say why not? Just because our lives are not perfect or better jet doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care about somebody else. And animals are SOMEBODY not someTHING – they feel – they care! And there wouldn’t be a hunger if we wouldn’t waste our food and water to feed farm animals to produce small amount of food, if we would feed this food directly to people there wouldn’t be hunger.

Raising animals for food requires massive amounts of land, food, energy, and water and contributes to animal suffering.

It takes up to 13 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat, and even fish on fish farms must be fed up to 5 pounds of wild-caught fish to produce 1 pound of farmed fish flesh.

It takes more than 11 times as much fossil fuel to make one calorie from animal protein as it does to make one calorie from plant protein.

For more visit:

If it’s too hard for you to go straight to vegan diet – try first vegetarian diet, try meatless Mondays and add Wednesdays and Fridays… make a step the right direction for better life for you, your family, animals and our planet.

October schedule

But on the other note:G - october-2014

I can’t believe that is already OCTOBER here. How did it happened so fast??????????! I’m like 3 weeks in PIYO workout with my own schedule…of course my diet is not perfect and also my fitness is not what it used to be back in Austria, but I’m moving…. some days more than others . The weather is changing … it’s cold and rainy and many times I’m not feeling like getting out of the bed. But staying in such a state of mind is also not helping so let’s put some fun music on and let’s do it!

My PIYO workouts – 3 weeks in

Of course I’m missing accurate measurements to compare to (again I forgot to measure myself when I started- silly me, but never mind). 8)

Some workouts are more challenging than others, but I’m learning the moves and improving my form. Still not able to do triceps push ups, but I will get there. I’m slowly improving my flexibility and working on my strength.

I also started Chalene’s 30 Day Challenge to Master Organization and Achieve Your Goals and here is the link:

I really like Chalene and her personality.

And this time I decided to write down my measurements here so I get better motivation to succeed ..fingers crossed 😛

so here it is:

R arm: 31cm
Chest: 86 cm
Waist: 72.5cm
Abs: 82.5cm
Butt: 89cm
R Thigh: 54cm
R Calf: 34.2cm


I will post update of my schedule when I will know.

My October schedule is not entirely decided yet all depends when I’m leaving to UK and so on…

that’s it for now.

Peace and love,G.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year everyone! May 2014 shine bright and fill your lives with health, happiness, prosperity and success!

New Year – Fresh Start

The New Year is a great time to add some healthy habits into a daily routine. And I’m not talking about New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t do those! Most of them don’t last past January and if they do mostly they end up shortly after. Why? Because you are setting the resolutions on what you should be doing instead on what you want! …so there is not much commitment or real motivation there. And again its holiday season you are in good mood you think you can fly at this point but after the holidays usually reality checks in again and you are busy with your life more and more….

Yes New Year is perfect time for fresh start…. Everything what happened or didn’t happen was LAST year. So stop thinking about that this year is another book in your life, now you have again 365 blank pages a front of you  so write them like you want…day by day.

If you want to change your life this year write down the goals you WANT to accomplish not that you SHOULD do! Write them down and put them somewhere where you can see them. Make visualization board which can inspire you to accomplish them. Be positive! Be patient! And believe that YOU CAN DO IT!

Make changes which will make YOU happy! Yes you can dream big but remember that nobody is perfect! One bad day or one small mistake doesn’t make the entire week bad and it doesn’t mean that you should quit completely.

For most people it’s new year beginning of new diet so why not try plant based one. Start with one plant based meal a day – for example breakfast and continue with lunches and dinners. Or start adding to your meals more and more fresh produce and then swap one meal to just plant based one. And if you see the benefits you can adapt vegan lifestyle. These days it is not so hard anymore. You can find many vegan substitutes for your previously favorite meals. Give it a try. You will feel better, you will look better. You will do something good not only for yourself, but for the animals and planet too.

Happy New Year everyone!

Please make some steps towards cruelty free lifestyle! And go vegan! Believe me you will feel better.

Peace and Love, G.

Slovak Christmas Recipes with Vegan Twist

christmas recipesMy Vegan Christmas in Slovakia

I’m originally from Slovakia so I will first describe what we usually did on Christmas when I was growing up.

We are celebrating Christmas on 24th – Christmas Eve. And you are not supposed to eat anything until dinner (fruit is allowed but nothing else) and on this day we usually have dinner around 4- 5 (depends on what is in TV), so it’s very early dinner or very late lunch. Most of the meals are prepared day before because it tastes better the next day when all the ingredients are well combined together.

After the table is beautifully decorated and two candles are lighted we sit down and start the dinner with Christmas oplátky (thin wafers stamped with a nativity scene). Once the oplatky have been shared, the meal begins with a toast of, usually, red wine or/and eggnog followed by Kapustnica (sauerkraut soup) with homemade pasta. Next come freshwater fish, usually floured and quickly fried. Carp, trout and white fish are common. Carp is served with potato salad. And later on we have some dessert – coconut balls and medovniky (something like gingerbread but made with honey not ginger). No one is allowed to leave the table until the meal is finished. After the dinner we open the presents and watch TV.

What we watch in TV during these holidays:

There are no Christmas without these Czechoslovakian classics:

Tři oříšky pro Popelku (Three Wishes for Cinderella) , or/and

Perinbaba : , Pyšná princezná, Princezná so zlatou hviezdou na čele Neboj sa, Byl jednou jeden král,….

and also Russian Mrázik

Our traditional Christmas recipes made Vegan

I’m really horrible with following recipes! And I almost never measure anything. But I will try my best to give you my version of the recipes so you can try them yourself.

Traditional Slovak Sauerkraut Soup

(without the spicy sausage or with some vegan alternative)
500g Sauerkraut (homemade is best)
1 bottle of sauerkraut juice (if you don’t make your own it makes the soup more sour)
1/2-1tsp caraway seeds /cumin
1/2 tsp whole pepper corns
2 Bay leaves
1 Onion (dice it or leave it whole and you can remove it after the soup is done)
Dried mushrooms (soak for min 30 min and drain)
– water
Vegan spicy sausage (optional)
Sweet paprika or red pepper flakes (optional – adds nice color)
Put all the ingredients into large pot except the optional ones and add water to fill up your pot. And cook on medium for 30 min (if it starts boiling lower the heat). Now add the vegan sausage, pepper flakes and cook further for 10-15 min and you are done. You can serve it with some eggless pasta (small shapes like stars or dice) or without pasta is also fine.

Vegan Mayo

We don’t use mayo at home, we buy tatarska omáčka. And I will try to give you the closest tasting thing to it. Vegan mayo basic recipe is adapted from: The Blender Girl the optional ingredients are my own and I also cutted oil from the recipe :
1/2 -1cup filtered water if you don’t have high speed blender you will need more water
1 cup organic raw cashews soaked for 2 hours (makes cashews more digestible and liquefy better)
1/4 cup raw cauliflower
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp coconut sugar or 1 chopped pitted date
3 Tbsp lemon juice or more to taste
a tiny 1/2 pinch of Celtic sea salt, Himalayan salt, or more to taste
Optional : dried onion, celery, carrot and parsley seasoning
Some extra fresh parsley
Put the water, soaked cashews, and cauliflower in your blender and add the water until combined well.
With the machine running on a low speed, slowly add the oil in one steady stream, and process until thick and creamy.
Place the mustard and vinegar, then rest of the ingredients into the blender to taste, and process until smooth. Add the lemon juice gradually to taste. Add in some more salt, mustard or lemon juice to taste until you create your perfect blend. Now add both optional ingredients or at least the fresh parsley in my opinion it makes it taste better and it’s also smells better. For the salad is better if the consistency of the mayo is more runny because the potatoes will absorb the liquid and you don’t want dry salad.

Potato Salad

500g cooked and diced potatoes
250g Mixed frozen veggies ( carrot, peas & sweetcorn)
4-5 medium gherkins sliced
1-2 cups vegan mayo
Salt and pepper to taste
Lemon juice to taste
Mixed all the main ingredients together and add lemon juice, salt and pepper to your liking. Serve with Fishless cakes (recipe below).
potato salad and fishless cakes

Fishless cakes

This recipe I found on the internet and I made some changes in it. It was big hit at home also my vegetarian sister and meat-eating part of the family liked it.
Makes 6-8 patties (depending on the size you want them)
450g potatoes, peeled and diced
150g cannellini beans or any white beans
¼ cup gluten free flour
3 spring onions, finely chopped
¼ cup / 4 tablespoons fresh parsley
Juice of ½ lemon
2 tablespoons sunflower oil (I used EVOO)
2 tablespoons soya milk (I used water)
2 teaspoons kelp powder (I used seaweed)
¾ teaspoon ground sea salt
¼ teaspoon ground white pepper
1 cup sesame seeds or breadcrumbs
Cook the potatoes until soft, by bringing to the boil in a pan of salted water, and then gently boiling for around 10 minutes. When cooked, leave to drain and cool slightly.
In a food processor, blend the beans, spring onions, parsley, kelp powder, oil, sea salt, white pepper and lemon juice. You want the beans to be well blended. Add the potatoes and milk, and blend further until well combined, then pulse in the wheat gluten flour. This will make the mixture drier and more malleable – like a very soft play dough.
Put sesame seeds (or you may use breadcrumbs,) into a small dish. Form the fishcake mixture into patties, and press each side of patty into the seeds, gently pressing around the sides too.
You can fry them on pan or also in the oven I baked them in the oven on 170°C 30 min (15 min on each side)without any oil
Serve them with vegan mayonnaise, a sprig of parsley and a wedge of lemon.

Vegan Christmas Liquor

2 cups vanilla soymilk (you can use any dairy free milk preferably vanilla flavor or add vanilla extract)
1/4 teaspoon cloves  (I didn’t have any this time)
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg (I didn’t have any this time)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (I used 1 tsp)
½ cup of dark rum
2 teaspoons coconut sugar (maple syrup, stevia or agave)
Blend all ingredients. Serve your delicious vegan eggnog over ice and dress with a sprinkle of nutmeg and a cinnamon stick for the perfect festive touch.

Date Balls

Recipe from :
Serves: 24 or depends on size
2 cups walnuts, or other nut/seed of choice
1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
2 cups soft Medjool dates, pitted (I used some dried dates from normal shop and I did soaked them over night)
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
In a large food processor fitted with an “S” blade, process the walnuts and coconut until crumbly. Add in the dates, coconut oil, vanilla and sea salt and process again until a sticky, uniform batter is formed.
Scoop the dough by heaping tablespoons, then roll between your hands to form balls. Arrange them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, then place in the freezer to set for at least an hour before serving. Store the balls in a sealed container in the fridge for up to a week, or in the freezer for an even longer shelf life.
For a gourmet-looking truffle, you could also roll them in shredded coconut or cocoa powder before chilling!

Merry Christmas! Fill up your life with love, compassion, tolerance, peace and happiness. Happy Holidays.

Peace and Love, G.

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets and Tools For Your Healthy (Vegan) Kitchen

These are my must have tools in the healthy kitchen. You probably don’t need all six but these simple gadgets give you good variety. But if you are raw foodist they are definitely must have. I’m definitely not paid to promote any of this, I’m only sharing what I have in my kitchen or I’m planning to buy.
Take care of yours tools, washed them straight after use this way you will keep them in the best shape and stain free for longer, warm soap water is more than enough to keep them clean. If you can’t wash something straight away try to rinse it with water at least.

1. Blenderblender
Vital for making good healthful foods, blenders turn out smoother, more refined sauces, smoothies, raw nut cheeses and raw nut milks. Powerful high speed blenders are the best choice for making raw foods and they even make raw whole juices, ice creams and so on …. the best are  Vitamix, BlendTec. Those are made for everyday use and can handle mixing frozen fruits and so on, but of course they are pretty pricy. I will definitely invest in one of those in the future.
I own:
For now I’m pretty happy with my Andrew James Multifunctional 4 in 1 Smoothie Maker, Blender, Gringer, Juicer. With this baby I can do smoothies, nut milks and juices. And you don’t need any extras because the strainer is included. I have it for half year and it works very well.

2. Knives
The only knives I own are the ceramic ones, they give you very nice cuts and I was reading somewhere that they are best for cutting fruits. That the fruits don’t oxidize and turn brown as fast when cut by ceramic knife, particularly apples. And because I don’t need to cut anything hard they are best for me.ceramic knives
Ceramic knife is a high-end product, and it has the advantages that the traditional metal knives don’t have. The ceramic knife is able to clearly cut most things such as meat (not bones), fruits and veggies without leaving any residues. For cutting is also best to use wooden or plastic chopping board. Please don’t use it on marble, glass or porcelain surfaces. You can damage your knife. Also is best to buy ceramic knives with sheaths where you can safely store them.

3. Vegetable slicer or/and  food processor
Vegetable slicer
These handy devices slice and shred vegetables so quickly, decoratively, and with so much ease. Helpful tools for making salads, raw noodles, salsas and desserts.
Food Processor
They are useful in making shredded salads, raw food pates, puddings and all manner of raw food desserts that you will want your own gorgeous shiny machine. Even some of the really cheap food processors can do a decent job. They also come in mini sizes which are fabulous for smaller projects or making food for one or two people.
I own:spiralizer
Spiralizer: handy tool that makes zucchini spaghetti, cucumber ribbon strands, curly fries or long, spiral apple strands.
The only negative about this tool is: It consists of a round hollow cutting edge with an approximate 3/8 opening. This simply means whatever you are slicing will lose a quite big cylinder from its center. So not suitable for small vegetables. I use it almost daily for slicing cucumber or zucchini.
dicerNicer Dicer: All in One: works as graters, cutters, peelers, slicers, choppers, dicers, and zesters
Negatives for this one: more useful with softer produce, not best for cutting carrots. But I still like how it cuts tomatoes in nice dices and also mushrooms. It comes also with peeler but I prefer my ceramic one.

4. Dehydrator
Nothing says commitment to raw food like purchasing a dehydrator. These machines are invaluable to a raw foodist for dehydrating fresh fruits and vegetables, seed crackers, granolas. Once you get rolling, you’ll find many  uses for it. Make sure yours comes with some Teflex sheets or other non-stick pads to lay over the mesh trays. These make dehydrating a breeze and they clean up quickly.
I don’t own one… yet 😉

5. Fine Mesh Strainers or Cheesecloth
Many raw food recipes call for straining milks, cheeses or sauces through a cheesecloth, I find that fine mesh strainers do a very nice job in much less time and with less mess.But also depends what are you using it for.  Have fun experimenting with both techniques.

6. Glass Jars + sprouting jars
Great for storage of dry goods and prepared foods, glass jars come in most handy for fermenting foods. Raw nut cheeses, sauerkraut and other pro-biotic raw foods are fermented and stored using glass or ceramic jars.
The advantage of glass bottles over the plastic ones is the quality of the material. Despite the long-use tradition, glass has the purity ofbottle1 structure that makes any interaction with the stored liquid impossible. Plastic on the other hand is known to alter the properties of certain beverages because of the chemical reactions that appear in time between the artificial structure and the possible acids in the beverage.
Let’s not forget about why is important recycling of glass bottles. Glass bottles do not affect the structure of the environment by their chemical composition, because  they remain in the same form for millions of years, there will actually be no change in their structure and that’s is the main problem.
Choose glass bottles with wide tops for easier cleaning!
This ones are super cute and I use them for smoothies and homemade milk.bottle2

Peace and love, G.

Not just Vegan books

booksI enjoy reading books about healthy lifestyle. That’s also one of the reasons I went vegan. I want to be happy and healthy.I don’t like diet books which are promising quick fixes and don’t really care about long term health. I like books which are giving you advice on how to live healthy and eat to fuel your body so you can enjoy your life.

So here are some of my favorite books on this subject:

Vegan book I read or I’m still reading:

1. Thrive Fitness: The Vegan-Based Training Program for Maximum Strength, Health, and Fitness by Brendan Brazier

About the author:
Brendan Brazier is the creator and host of the Thrive Forward web series, based on his bestselling Thrive book trilogy (Thrive, Thrive Fitness, and Thrive Foods). Brendan is a former professional Ironman triathlete, and the creator of an award-winning line of whole food nutritional products called Vega. He is also a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion.
About the book:
The first few chapters of this book are pretty solid–mostly a testimony of Brazier’s vegan-based philosophy for performance athletes and weekend warriors. He presents a compelling argument for pursuing one’s goals, eating right, and taking care of the body. There is a good discussion of how stress and lifestyle impact health, and how that in turn affects the body’s performance capacity. Following these sections, he introduces a section on performance improvement. This chapter contains a solid regimen of exercises. The next section is about incorporating vegan-athlete friendly foods into your diet.
My favorite part of Thrive Fitness, though, is what makes it unique in compare to other fitness books—the focus on energy, sleep, stress, and non-physical benefits of exercise, such as creativity, active meditation, and the effects of endorphins. I found that reading about these added something extra, rather than the standard fat-loss, muscle-gain fare of other exercise books, motivated me more than anything has in a while to hit the gym or to get out for a run.
I was checking also reviews and many are suggesting that Brendan’s other books are better especially “Thrive Diet,”. At the moment I’m not able to compare them but I will definitely in the future  buy also Thrive and Thrive Foods.

2. The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. and Thomas M. Campbell II, MD

This book is the ultimate book for learning about the benefits of a plant-based diet. It helps understand the science behind a plant- based diet and proves that veganism is the way to go. The books explains in plain terms how a plant-based diet is the strongest tool we have against disease and illness. It is easy to read and will completely change how you think about food. You’ll be hooked by page two of the Introduction where Campbell tells you that by simply changing your diet, you can completely reverse heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. He also reexamines the “protein myth” and shows how not only vegans are getting enough protein, but that consuming a lot of protein actually promotes cancer. This book teaches you how to eat in order to maximize your health and longevity, and tells why you haven’t been taught proper nutrition before. The China Study could save your life and it’s definitely must read.

3. The 80/10/10 Diet Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your Life One Luscious Bite at a Time. by Dr. Doug Graham
About the author:
Dr. Douglas Graham, a lifetime athlete and twenty-seven year raw fooder, is an advisor to world-class athletes and trainers from around the globe. He was in private practice as a chiropractor for twenty years, before retiring to focus more fully on his writing and speaking. Dr. Graham is the author of many books on raw food and health including The High Energy Diet Recipe Guide, Nutrition and Athletic Performance, Grain Damage, Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries and The 80/10/10 Diet. As owner of a fasting retreat in the Florida Keys for ten years, Dr. Graham personally supervised thousands of fasts.
About the book:
The book is a raw food version of a low fat plant based diet. Graham proposes that the ideal ratio of nutrients to support optimum health is: 80% of total calories from carbs, 10% protein and 10% fats. Graham  uses mostly common sense arguments and scientific analyses. You will also find in this book sample menus, nutrient breakdowns, portion equivalents, testimonials, faqs, …
This is very interesting book. I like the scientific facts and explanations. It’s definitely good for people which are living in countries with easy access to cheaper organic fruits. I live in Austria in the moment and good quality organic fruit costs many times double or triple times more that non-organic kind. Back in UK it was little bit more affordable.

4. Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko
About the author:
Victoria Boutenko is an author, teacher, inventor, researcher, artist and mother of three. In 1994, The Boutenko family, also known as The Raw Family, became seriously ill. Victoria sought out alternative health paths and discovered the raw food lifestyle which enabled the family to gain vibrant health.
About the book:
Ok this is not just vegan book. Perfect for anyone – raw foodists, vegans, vegetarians, also for meat eaters – who wishes to develop a healthy diet without making sacrifices to taste or lifestyle. Boutenko promotes healthy living, not gimmicky diets or fad lifestyles. In this book, Victoria Boutenko explains why eating raw greens is so important.
Green for Life includes the latest information on the abundance of protein in greens, the benefits of fiber, the role of greens in homeostasis, the significance of stomach acid, how greens make the body more alkaline, the healing power of chlorophyll, and more. Also included are the results of a pilot study demonstrating the effectiveness of adding just one quart of green smoothies a day to one’s diet, without changing anything else in dietary intake. Green smoothie testimonials and recipes give readers confidence and motivation in exploring green smoothies for themselves. This updated edition offers important new research on the role that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids play in metabolic health and includes nutritional data on select green smoothies and updated findings on organic versus conventional produce.

Skinny Bitch by Friedman and Barnouin
About the authors:
Freedman, a former agent for Ford Models and a “self-taught know-it-all” and the woman on the right is Barnouin, a “former model who holds a Masters of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition” from Clayton College — an online school)
About the book:
I started to read this one but I didn’t like the writing style. I don’t see the need to call somebody bitch, fat or skinny and also the F word and so on …. And also saying that healthy = skinny and unhealthy = fat that’s just rubbish! Look at people with eating disorder- the skinny part is far for being healthy! I agree with this part where they are saying that smoking and soda are bad for you ( “ Soda is liquid Satan” – so true). But I can’t say much more because I’m really discoursing by use of vulgarisms in this book so I didn’t even past the first chapter.

Books by food blogers:

I read:

Easy to be raw, Easy to be raw Desserts, You in bloom by Megan Elizabeth
Easy to be raw, Easy To Be Raw Desserts easy, fast and delicious raw vegan recipes
You in bloom– Megan shares her personal story, her eating lifestyle and fitness habits. Tips how you can easily take charge of your health and fitness and how to make your very own raw makeup, and what foods and natural products can keep your skin healthy. You’ll also see examples of a simple season meal guide and options to create your own workout routine based on your needs. Plus! You even get super yummy bonus recipes to help you incorporate more raw food into your diet.
Her blog:
Youtube channel:

Go Fruit Yourself! By Freelee
This one is short ebook containing a months’ worth of Freelees blog entries from November 2006 when she started her raw food journey with her commenting what she did wrong and how you can avoid the mistakes she made. Plus helpful tips how to stay low fat raw vegan and of course some tasty recipes.
Youtube channel:

I would read:

Seasonal Sweets by 40belowfruity

Her blog:
Youtube channel:

The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon
Her blog:

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
Her blog:

Peace and love, G.

Happy Worlds Vegan Day

November is Vegan Month.


…it’s time for celebrating and promoting veganism throughout this month. The aim of the month is to reach out to as many people as possible and show that is possible to be  healthy and happy in long term with this lifestyle and that is not just good for us, but also for animals and our planet. 

Nobody has to turn vegan overnight, especially if it means succeeding. Take small steps … make one meal a day vegan and keep adding more when you are comfortable with it. Even small changes are better than no change at all.

Search for support groups online, find healthy and easy recipes online… it can be easier than you think. Stay positive and keep moving forward…

Please go VEGAN

….. for the ANIMALS

….. for the PLANET

….. for YOURSELF

Peace and love, G.