Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year everyone! May 2014 shine bright and fill your lives with health, happiness, prosperity and success!

New Year – Fresh Start

The New Year is a great time to add some healthy habits into a daily routine. And I’m not talking about New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t do those! Most of them don’t last past January and if they do mostly they end up shortly after. Why? Because you are setting the resolutions on what you should be doing instead on what you want! …so there is not much commitment or real motivation there. And again its holiday season you are in good mood you think you can fly at this point but after the holidays usually reality checks in again and you are busy with your life more and more….

Yes New Year is perfect time for fresh start…. Everything what happened or didn’t happen was LAST year. So stop thinking about that this year is another book in your life, now you have again 365 blank pages a front of you  so write them like you want…day by day.

If you want to change your life this year write down the goals you WANT to accomplish not that you SHOULD do! Write them down and put them somewhere where you can see them. Make visualization board which can inspire you to accomplish them. Be positive! Be patient! And believe that YOU CAN DO IT!

Make changes which will make YOU happy! Yes you can dream big but remember that nobody is perfect! One bad day or one small mistake doesn’t make the entire week bad and it doesn’t mean that you should quit completely.

For most people it’s new year beginning of new diet so why not try plant based one. Start with one plant based meal a day – for example breakfast and continue with lunches and dinners. Or start adding to your meals more and more fresh produce and then swap one meal to just plant based one. And if you see the benefits you can adapt vegan lifestyle. These days it is not so hard anymore. You can find many vegan substitutes for your previously favorite meals. Give it a try. You will feel better, you will look better. You will do something good not only for yourself, but for the animals and planet too.

Happy New Year everyone!

Please make some steps towards cruelty free lifestyle! And go vegan! Believe me you will feel better.

Peace and Love, G.


NEW Beginning

“Everyday we can start from the beginning.”


Today is first of May and I decided to start again with my training and also with this blog about my journey to become healthier and happier me.

After more than two months without any real workout ( I don’t count cycling to work or back from work, which was about 4.5mil),it’s time to go back into some kind of routine. I love working out. I was really missing it,but in last couple of months there was no time for it or I had no energy for it. Now I’m back and ready.

I started this blog so many times but for some reason I was never able to continue with it. I don’t know if this time it will be any different , but I’m hopeful. And of course you never know until you try something …..I don’t know if anyone will be ever interested to read any of these pages except me,  but I will write them and share them anyway.

This blog will consist of post about health on all levels, vegan lifestyle and of course my workout log and maybe even some more stuff. 😀

Let me share with you something about me:

My name is Gabriela, I’m 26 years old and I’m just starting with vegan lifestyle. I love exercising, reading and learning about health and nutrition and I love good and healthy food.

I felt in love with working out, when I discovered in 2007 on youtube channel- bodyrock Zuzka Light’s workouts. She and her husband started http://www.bodyrock.tv, but they are no longer together. She just started her own channel last year, so I’m happy that she is back 🙂 http://www.zuzkalight.com  So I’ve been working out on and off since then and I was also reading many articles and books about fitness, health and nutrition.


I was thinking about going vegan for some time, but I finally decided only on the end of the last year, so I’m still new to it, but I’m definitely enjoying this new lifestyle.

Why vegan? Because….

I love myself  and I want to be healthy,

I love this planet so I don’t want to destroy it

I love animals and I don’t wanna hurt them in any way.

If you like you can read about vegan lifestyle here: http://www.vegansociety.com/become-a-vegan/


Here are some more inspirational quotes about beginnings on the end:

You don’t need endless time and perfect conditions. Do it now. Do it today. Do it for twenty minutes and watch your heart start beating. -Barbara Sher

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. -Theodore Roosevelt