Insanity – Round 2- Month 1 + Recovery Week

Month 1 Update

G - January-2014

I finished first month and of course it didn’t go as I planned .The last week of the month 1 I was down with flu so I was in the bed sleeping most of the time. 😦 But I was feeling better the following week so I continued with my schedule and did Core Cardio & Balance workout.

I still didn’t measure myself – silly me  >:o but I’m fine just with beating my scores on fit test and I’m really hoping that I will managed all workouts in month 2 – fingers crossed. O:)

So far I think I improved since my first attempt of Insanity. I can see it not only on my results on the fit test but also with my stretching – I’m able to go deeper and I’m getting more flexible. 🙂

And I did Fast and Furious workout once instead of Pure Cardio – just to try it out – review coming up soon…

Recovery Week Update

Ok so after one week off I was glad that it was recovery week. I was still feeling kind of tired and slow, but I wasn’t planning to skip any more workouts so I did my best. Starting slowly – I was taking many breaks the first two days but after that I was myself again and I finished the week strong.

My fit test Update:

FIT TEST 2Peace and Love, G.


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