Insanity Month 2 Week 1

M2W1I was planning to write this already on Sunday but I was just not feeling like being on the computer whatsoever so I just relaxed instead. And Monday and Tuesday were similar, I was just too busy doing other things, but finally today  here it is:

My workout log for Month 2 – week 1


First, I had to do the 28 minute Fit Test (which is a day’s workout itself basically) to prove to myself that I have improved. Here are again my fit test results from this day: Day36

Max Interval Circuit: 59 min
First 10 min is warm up and then stretching. And then there is 43 minutes of Insanity (just the last 4 minutes is cool down)! This is just crazy! … from the warm up to the actual workout. ( I hate Pedal/Power Lunges it’s sprit on the place with 4 jump lunges in between – just crazy!, then Ski Abs/Jacks/In & Out/Oblique – 4 of each …wow! wow! wow!) 45 min in and you are done! Hoping that you are done but no you still have 15 min to go! Than 3 min of cool down and then. Congrats – you survived your first Max Interval workout!!

And after an hour and half workout for today I’m glad that I’m still standing!

Max Interval Plyo: 55 min
Feeling little bit sore after yesterday and I feel like I’m back in my month one again. his is a plyometric workout which focuses on the big muscle groups and makes your heart skyrocket. After this one you will feel your upper body for sure!

Max Cardio Conditioning: 48 min
This time, the workout does not consist of circuits (like the previous two).  The main part of the workout, lasts about 29 minutes and each move lasts about a minute. Football Runs – Sprint in place and then fall down into a push-up/plank position (so NO resting on the ground! – the only parts of your body touching the ground are your feet and hands) Not an easy one! Crazy Diamond jumps, In-Out Push Up Jacks, Suicide Jumps, … and many other crazy exercises. Just remember that this is Insanity Month 2.

14.11      MAX RECOVERY
Max Recovery: 47 minutes
Remember Cardio Recovery from Month 1? Do you really think that this one will be easier? Are you sure?!
Lunges, plies and planks …. Sounds simple but it’s not and definitely not easy either. Remember this is month 2 and the workout has MAX in its name. So get ready for crazy, slow and definitely torturing stretch moves!
Not a big fan of the warm up. Flat Back to Rounded Back – You do this with your legs shoulder width apart.  Then, you do some while lunging to the sides.  You basically hear Shaun T say, “contract, relax, contract, relax, contract, relax” for a while. But when you somehow push yourself to do it that you will get to more fun and more challenging part.


This workouts are really crazy! And I don’t feel ready for this madness and I’m thinking about returning to workouts from the month 1 instead. I don’t know yet. But I’m sure doing month 1 again is better than quitting! I will see how I feel before my workout today.

Peace and love, G.


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