Month 4, Day 26


My training log for today

This is my last post of this month. I’m going to be short today again. I can’t believe that August is almost over. The time is  really going fast. Today is Saturday so it means running time with my hubby and we are really enjoying this activity together. And we will keep on going. 🙂

Running time:

6km in 36 min


Month 4, Day 25


My training log for today

So it’s Friday again. And somehow I managed today two workouts :D. I was planing to finished all the free ZWOWs before and of this month and I did it. I was slacking here and there but I did finished them all in time. 😉
So here are last to ZWOWs with my scores and description:

ZWOW #69 – Abs and cardio

75 reps – High Knees with Jump Rope
25 reps – Goblet Squat with Dumbbell with 30lbs Dumbbell
75 reps – High Knees with Jump Rope
25 reps – Dive Bomber Push Ups
75 reps – High Knees with Jump Rope
25 reps – Plank Pull with 30lbs Dumbbell

2 rounds for time
Zuzka’s time: 18 min and 20 sec (30 lbs = 13.6kg)

My time:
30.8.2013: 18 min and 4 sec     and I was using 10.5kg dumbbell. The most challenging exercise for me were Dive Bomber Push Ups and I swapped to beginners modification in second round after fifth rep (so I did 5 regular and 20 modified).

ZWOW #70 – Crazy B Workout  10 min AMRAP

5 – Ninja Jump Tucks
5 – Crazy B Burpees
10+10 – One Arm Press Up
(10 on each arm)
5 – Crazy B Burpees

Your goal is to complete as many rounds as possible while keeping a good form.
Zuzka’s score: 2 rounds
My score:
30.8.2013: 2 rounds + 5 Ninja Jump Tucks

Doing those two ZWOWs one after another was crazy. I was already done after the first one. Luckily for me the second one was only 10 min long. I’m not a big fun of the last ZWOW, but I’m glad I did it.

Love and peace, G.

Month 4, Day 24


My training log for today

It was pretty cold today and I was definitely not in the mood to even get out of the bed. So most of the day I spent in the bed with good book and in the evening I did my only workout for today. I went running with my hubby.

Running time:

6km in 36 min

I’m slowly getting use to going out for running. I think that is helping that we are doing it always on same day (Tuesday, Thursday,Saturday). And I’m also enjoy my running meditation music. And maybe with some time I will really enjoy the running too :D.

That’s it for today.

Love and peace, G

Month 4, Day 23


My training log for today

It’ already Wednesday. The time is really running and our kittens are three weeks old today. 😉

So today I did two 12 min long AMRAP ZWOWs and here is the description with my scores:

ZWOW #67 – Scorpio Workout – 12 min AMRAP

Burpee Stretch 10 reps
Scorpio Dead-Lift with 12kg Kettlebell or dumbbell 10 reps each leg
Star Crunch 10 reps followed by a Strait Legged Bridge – Repeat 3 times in a row

Zuzka’s scores: 2 rounds+ 1st 10 SDL

My scores:
28.8.2013: 3 rounds – 3 sets of the last exercise ( so I managed 2 rounds and one leg dead lift on both legs and I was using 8kg dumbbell)

ZWOW #68 – Hot 12 Minute Workout AMRAP

Jump lunge 3x & side stretch – 10 reps
Scorpion Push Ups – 5 reps on each side
Squat and Leg Lift – 20 reps
Plank & Ski Squat – 10 reps

Zuzka’s score: 2 rounds and 1S&LL ( Zuzka was using two 8lbs dumbbells for first,third and fourth exercise)

My score:
28.8.2013: 2 rounds + 20 S&LL ( I was using two 4kg dumbbells for last two exercises. No weights for Jump Lunges)
 Love and peace, G.

Month 4, Day 22


My training log for today

Tuesday was little bit better for me. I dunno why but I’m for some reason not really in the mood for working out. But I pushed myself and I did one of the last free ZWOW’s.

ZWOW #66  – 300 Rep Pale Body Workout

60 reps  Jump Up & Star Lift
60 reps  James Bond Lunge
60 reps  Monkey Business (Pike Press & Jump Tuck)
60 reps  Side Crunch – 30 on each side
60 reps  Break-dance Push Up ( Reptile Push Up with Twist)

Zuzka’s time: 28 min and 30 sec. (Break-dance Push Up: 20 Reptile Push Ups, 10 Regular Push Ups, 30 Push Ups from Knees)

My time:
27.8.2013: 26 min and 19 sec (Break-dance Push Up: 2 Reptile Push Ups, 28 One Leg Push Ups, 30 Regular Push Ups)

Running time:

It was raining here most of the day. Luckily it stopped and we were able to go out for run. It wasn’t cold, it was nice warm around 18°C, but it was damp and the air was thin. It wasn’t the easiest three rounds in the park but we did managed them :D. I have the feeling that it’s not going to be easier only harder and not just because of the weather changes. 😦 But we will keep running at least three times a week and we will improve. 😉

6km under 36 min

Month 4. Day 19.-20.


My training log for weekend

So another quick update on this weekend. It’s raining here in Vienna so not really the best time for going out, but we did managed to go for run between the rain showers yesterday.

Saturday 24.8.2013

We did 6km run in 38 min. I was again listening to my running meditation music. And I’m starting to feel better about the running.

Sunday 25.8.2013


I think it’s best for me to keep Sundays off. Let my body to recover from all those crazy this I’m doing to it. 😀 And I started with some meditation music last Sunday and from time to time also on the weekdays. It is very important for me to find some time only for myself. Time to find some inner peace. And I’m planing to continue with the meditations on regular bases.

Love and peace, G.