Day Twenty One, Month Two

day 52

My training log for today

I did this one today. It was one of the shorter ones but it was fun and intense.

Here is the workout breakdown with my time:

ZWOW #53 – Tight Body Workout – Time Challenge

1.Jump Squat – 20 reps

After that went into yoga pose candle and straight than into forward bend, hold and back into candle and stand up

2. Side jump Lunge – 2 sets of 15 after set stay in side lunge hold and stretch

3. Cross-Legged Push Ups – 10 reps alternating legs  walk yourself into bend lift one arm up and hold the pose, switch the arms

Your goal is to complete 4 rounds.

Zuzanas time: 13 min and 2 sec.

My time:

28.6.2013: 11min and 25 sec

Zuzana in workouts is not saying anything about how long to do the stretching between all exercises. So I did like three deep breaths and I moved to another exercise. It was fun and one of the less intense workouts. 🙂


Day Twenty, Month Two

day 51

My training log for today

I did this one on Thursday.

ZWOW #52 – Lean Body Workout – Time Challenge

Workout Breakdown:
10 reps of Plank Jump tucks
Go down on your belly, roll over and do a forward bend to stretch and roll back and repeat the entire set 3 times.
10 reps of Knee Hug & Leg Lift
Roll over onto your belly and stretch in the upward dog pose and repeat this set 3 times In the last round, from the upward dog pose get into a plank, step your feet forward to your hands and then slowly rise up from the standing forward bend position.

10 sets of 3 Jump lunges & 3 knee tucks
Inhale bring your arms up and exhale and bend forward

5 pistol squats, after that the standing leg goes back and you will stretch the front of that leg by getting into a deep lunge
Do the same thing on the other leg. Repeat the pistol squat series one more time on each leg.

Zuzanas time: 12 min and 36 sec

My time:

27.6.2013: 12 min and 12 sec

This time I was doing regular squats not the beginners modification, but I was still touching the wall next to me for support. It was super challenging and my butt can still feel it 😀

Day Nineteen, Month Two

day 50

My training log for today

I did this workout on Wednesday. It was a short and very intense workout full of body-weight exercises.

Here is the workout description and my time:

ZWOW #51 – Stretch And Tone – Time Challenge 

Start with the pike stretch
1. Strict Mountain Climbers  100 reps
2. Pike Leg Lift  20 reps
3. Burpees  10 reps
4. Pike Leg Lifts  20 reps
5. Burpees  10 reps

6. Pike leg lifts  20 reps
7. Burpees  10 reps

8. Mini Air Squats  50 reps
9. Dive Bombers  10 reps
10. Mini Air Squats  50 reps
11. Dive bombers  10 reps

12. Strict Mountain Climbers  100 reps

Zuzana’s time: 13 min and 57 sec

My time:

26.6.2013: 12 min and 30 sec

The Mountain Climbers were a killer I was already done during my first 100, but I pushed myself and I finished that workout.

Day Eighteen, Month Two

day 49

My training log for today

So I’m two days behind with my workouts, because I was little bit busy before my big trip to Vienna and I was also helping my little sis in her house. But I’m back  this special day. It’s my birthday. So Happy Birthday to me. And I did ZWOW 50. This one was a body-weight workout and the only equipment I was using was a chair. I was doing only 5 exercises, 10 reps for each one of them and my goal was to complete 5 rounds as fast as possible and always keeping a good form.

Here are the exercises:

ZWOW #50 – Time Challenge

1. High Knees – Toes touch the chair each time

2. Step Up & Leg Lift

3. Plank Step Over

4. Chair Jump

5. Side Step Up Burpee

5 rounds for time

Zuzana’s time: 19 min and 24 sec

My time:

24.6.2013: 16 min 67 sec

Cruelty-Free and Vegan


Definition of the words

Being Vegan means:

– Eating foods made exclusively from non-animal ingredients, – plant based diet

– Wearing clothes which are not made from animals. It means no leather or fur, no wool (avoid angora, cashmere, pashmina, mohair, camel hair, and shearling), no silk, no down or animal feathers.

– Using cosmetics and household products which do not contain animal ingredients and are not tested on animals

– Not supporting the use of animals for other purposes. No ZOO, circuses with animals, water parks with animal attractions, horse raising,…

The term “cruelty-free product” is generally understood within the animal rights movement as a product that has not been tested on animals by the manufacturer.


What is Cruelty-Free?

Consumers need to be aware that labels that read “cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals” may not always mean what we think. As no government agency currently defines these terms, nor sets standards for their usage, it is left to each company to determine what its “cruelty-free” label means. Many scientists – including those who support alternatives – believe these ambiguities can make these labels meaningless. 

“Cruelty-free” can be used to imply:  

  • that neither the product nor its ingredients have ever been tested on animals. This is highly unlikely however, as almost all ingredients in use today have been tested on animals somewhere, at some time, by someone – and could be tested again,
  • that, while the ingredients have been tested on animals, the final product has not,
  • that the manufacturer itself did not conduct animal tests but instead relied on a supplier to test for them – or relied on another company’s previous animal-test results,
  • that the testing was done in a foreign country, where laws protecting animals might be weaker than in the U.S.
  • that either the ingredients or the product have not been tested on animals within the last five, ten, or twenty years (but perhaps were before, and could be again),
  • that – as in the case of the CCIC’s Leaping Bunny Program – neither the ingredients nor the products have been tested on animals after a certification date and will not be tested on animals in the future. 

In short, there is no “official” or government-sanctioned cruelty-free label.  Conscientious consumers are left to make some very complex choices among products made by companies that do no animal testing themselves but rely on animal-tested safety data gathered elsewhere, those that have made commitments of one degree or another to alternatives research, and companies that do neither.  Even with the challenges of understanding what most manufacturers mean by their “cruelty-free” label, the CCIC’s Leaping Bunny Program is the best resource  to help concerned consumers find products that have met a “cruelty-free” standard.

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program maintains a single, comprehensive standard for cruelty-free labeling. This makes it easier for consumers to shop for products manufactured without the use of animal testing.  The Leaping Bunny Program gives consumers assurance that products they are buying have met the most rigorous cruelty-free standards as licensees are required to sign a pledge not to test on animals during any stage of product development.

Read more:

Shopping guide:


Cruelty free and vegan

Just because a product is labeled “cruelty-free” does not necessarily mean that it is vegan. A product that has not been tested on animals may still contain animal ingredients. Unfortunately many of the ingredients don’t sound like one, here is list of some of them:Veganismus_logo.svg

Beeswax, silk, pearl powder, carmine, lanolin (lanolin derivatives: aliphatic alcohol, cholesterol, wool isopropylmyristate laneth lanogene, lanolin alcohol, lanosterols, sterols, and triterpene alcohols), gelatin, collagen, protein, hyaluronic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, guanosine, keratin, lactose (milk), oleyl alcohol.

For full list of animal ingredients visit:

Products which are cruelty free and vegan will have two symbols on them: leaping bunny and sunflower or V

For me is really important to have both cruelty and vegan products, not just cosmetics but also cleaning products. vegan_symbol

When I started with this lifestyle and I was reading about vegan cosmetics I found out that most of the products I was using came from those big companies which were testing on animals 😦 . It was really sad.  Anything what was new or rarely used I gave away as a gift and other products I used until there where empty. I already bought those things so I didn’t wanted to waste them.

Now I’m careful with my choices. If I wasn’t vegan I would choose at least cruelty free cosmetics. And even after there is a band on cosmetics tested on animals in EU, I’m still not planing to buy stuff from those companies which were testing until recently or companies which are selling their products in China where is animal testing a must.

Next time I will try to make a post about products which I’m using. So please go vegan or at least vegetarian (no fish or eggs) and please please use cruelty free products.

cruelty free logo


Day Seventeen, Month Two

day 48

My training log for today

Yesterday I wasn’t able to write down my workout on the blog so here it is today. I did ZWOW 48. and of course I did also my interval skipping. Unfortunately I did break my jump rope in the last minute of my workout so I didn’t finish my skipping. 😦

And for today. I was not feeling very well so I’m taking the day off.

Here is my workout with my scores:


  ZWOW # 48  
10 Jump Squats 8lbs
10 Breakdance Push Up  
10 Jump Squats 8lbs
10 Leg & Butt Lift  
  12 min AMRAP 5 R +1 JS

19.6.2013: 5 rounds and 4 Breakdance Push Ups

20 min skipping 20R (10/50)

HK= 1322 + 1-2OLJ=980 and my total = 2302

Day Sixteen, Month Two

day 47

My training log for today

It’s really hot these couple of days. I can’t really sleep during the night so I’m quite surprised that I still have a energy for my workouts. Today I did ZWOW 47. – 12 Minute Fat Burn Workout. It was 12 min AMRAP. And after that I did my 20 min interval skipping, which I’m doing at least 5 times a week.

Here is the workout description and my scores:

ZWOW 47. – 12 Minute Fat Burn Workout

  ZWOW # 47  
10 FW/BW Weighted Jump  
5 Ab Splitter & S-Girl Push Up  
  12 min AMRAP 4 rounds

18.6.2013: 5 rounds (and I was using two 1kg free weights). I didn’t really like this workout. Ab splitters were challenging but otherwise it was quite boring.

20 min skipping 20R (10/50)

HK= 1333 + 1-2OLJ=1147 and my total = 2480

I’m slowly improving and beating my scores. I’m really enjoying the jumping 🙂