MAY 31

day 31

Today is the last day in May and I’m happy that I managed to complete my workout schedule for this month. 🙂 I did workout almost every single day this month and I’m proud of myself. Sometimes it was very difficult , specially the last week when I was catching up with my lost week during my trip (but I was on my feet every single day).

Yesterday was a crazy day, I was taking my kitten to a vet for operation and in the evening I was just too tired to do a workout.

So today I did two last workouts and here are the descriptions with my times:

ZWOW # 19

  ZWOW # 19 #######
10 Waterbottle Clean  
10+10 Pistol Squats  
10 Waterbottle Push Ups  
10 Russian Twist  
10 Hip Twist  
10 Hollow Rock  
  5 round for time 28:15:00

20.9.2012: 21min and 6sec

31.5.2013: 24 min and 12 sec

Still doing beginners version for Pistol squat, this time I was using smaller step so I went deeper into squat, great butt killer. Also I was not really in the mood for this workout, but I tried. 😦 I could have done better job.

ZWOW # 20

  ZWOW # 20 #######
20 Side Jump Lunge  
10 FW/BW Burpee  
10+10 One Leg Dip Jump  
10 Alt. Double Bridge  
  3 rounds for time 11:38

21.9.2012: 10min and 31sec

31.5.2013: 9 min and 54 sec

I was pushing myself very hard with this workout. It was fun and it was another butt killer.


MAY 29

Today I was little bit busy so I didn’t really have a time to do a workout during the day so in the evening I still had to do my two Zwows. I was trying to keep it short because it was already late so I did Zwow 21. followed by Zwow 29. Each workout was 10 minutes AMRAP so it took me little bit more than 20 minutes to complete them.

Here is the description of the workouts:

ZWOW # 21

  ZWOW # 21 6/7/2012
5 Burpee Handstand  
5 Ninja Jump  
10 Squat Side Kick  
  10 min AMRAP 4R + 4BH

My scores:

24.9.2012: 4rounds + 10SSK

29.5.2013: 5 rounds

I really enjoyed this workout. It was one of the easier Zwows, but it was fun challenge. 🙂

ZWOW # 29

  ZWOW # 29  
5+5 Pistol Squats  
50 Side Hops  
10 Plank Row Knee Tuck  
10 180 Burpee  
  10 min AMRAP 3R+20SD

29.5.2013: 3 rounds and 10 PRKT

This workout was more challenging  because of pistol squats. I’m still on beginners variation, but I’m not giving up.

MAY 28

day 28

Today I did two workouts Zwow 18. and Zwow 28. and both of them where very difficult. But I did them, I managed them both.

Here is the description of the workouts:

ZWOW # 18

  ZWOW # 18 #######
5+5 Burpee Step Up  
15+15 Round Kick Backs Lunge  
20 Inverted Leg Extension  
30 Tricep Dips  
  5 round for time 28:02:00

My scores:

19.9.2012: 26min and 16sec

28.5.2013: 26 min and 19 sec

I did this one before my lunch and it was big challenge. This was another KickAss workout! Really thought I couldn’t make all 5 rounds but I did !!!!!! I survived 🙂

ZWOW # 28

20    Dragon Kicks
20    Alt. Jump Lunges
15    Pike Jumps
10    Reptile Push Ups
10 min AMRAP    3R+3DK

28.5.2013: 3 rounds

This one was a small challenge for me because my legs were already shaking from previous workout, my pike jumps were not that high, but I did my best. And I finished it.

MAY 27

may 27

I did it again. I managed two workouts. I did ZWOW 22. before lunch time and in the evening ZWOW 27.

Here is the description of the workouts:

ZWOW # 22

  ZWOW # 22  6-14-2012
4 Burpees each minute  
30 Chair Jumps  
30 Chair Push Ups  
30 Tricep dips  
30 Sumo Squat Jumps  
30 RDL Squat Twist  
  ECH for time 20:41

My scores:

25.9.2012: 12min and 8 sec

27.5.2013: 12 minutes

ZWOW # 27

Buy In For 3 min
Overhead Squats    10lb
10 – 1min. Rounds
3 Burpees
Walking Lunges    2x20lb

I did this workout for the first time and it was short and super intense. I was using 5kg weight for overhead lunges and 2x5kg weights for walking lunges. I don’t remember exactly how many reps I managed but it was around 42 or 52 overhead lunges and aprox. 15 reps of walking lunges each round. With lighter weights I would probably managed many more reps, but I did enjoy this challenge.

MAY 26

day 26

Another rainy day and I was definitely not in the mood for working out, but I did it anyway. I even managed to do two workouts again and I’m feeling really proud of myself. I’m not sure if I will be walking tomorrow 😀 , but I feel so so so good. And I’m slowly catching up with my plan day by day.

Here are descriptions of both workouts which I did today with my scores:

ZWOW # 23

   ZWOW # 23  
5 Yoga Burpee  
5 Ab Splitters  
50 Burpees  
100 Air Squats  
  2 rounds for time 20:02

This one was a killer: 100 burpees and 200 air squats. I have no idea how did I manage to do it and also beat my personal best almost by 2 minutes. And I really hope that I will be able to walk tomorrow.

My scores:

26.9.2012: 20min and 55sec

26.5.2013: 18 min and 28 sec

ZWOW # 26

  ZWOW # 26  
1.+3. Plank with Leg Lift & Jump Up each side
2.+4. Side Crunch each side
5 Side to Side Squat  
6 Side to Side Push Up  
7 Knee Hugs  
8 Elbow Plank  
9 Pike Press  
10 Plank Jump  
  10R (30/30)  

I haven’t done this workout yet. This workout was only 10 minutes long and there is no break between exercises. It’s another short but intense workout and I had fun doing it.


im back

I was almost one week away. I went to Vienna for small trip and except one day (day 17) I didn’t do any ZWOWs. Just because I didn’t do any of my workouts doesn’t mean that I was slacking. I was on my feet every single day going through the beautiful city.

But I’m back now and I’m back doing my workouts regularly. And I will try to catch up with my workouts so I can continue with my workout plan.

Today I managed to do two workouts. In the morning I did ZWOW 25. and in the evening ZWOW 24.

Here are both workouts with the descriptions and scores:

ZWOW # 25

  ZWOW # 25 #######
30 Burpee Buy In  
20 Plyo Fly  
15 Squat Overhead Press  
10 Lateral Jump Touch  
5 Ab Splitters  
  3 round for time 13:20

My scores:

28.9.2012: 12min

25.5.2013: 12 min and 10 sec

ZWOW # 24

  ZWOW # 24 #######
15 Dynamic Squats  
15 Kick Ups  
10 Dive Bombers  
10 Prisoner Get Ups  
  10 min AMRAP 3R+3PGU

My scores:

27.9.2012: 3rounds + 10DB

25.5.2013: almost 4 rounds only 7 prisoner get ups were missing ( and fourth round of Dive Bombers I switched to beginners mode)

How to do a Dive Bomber in pictures:

divebomber dive bomb big


day 17

Actually this workout I did one week ago on 17th May, but I didn’t have my laptop with me on my trip so I’m writing this post today.

I did ZWOW 17 and here is the description:

ZWOW # 17

5    Wall Walk
10    Wall Lunge
15    Plank Wall Touch
20    Wall Sit with 20 March
12 min AMRAP    2rounds
My scores:

18.9.2012: 3rounds + 15PWT

17.5.2013: 4rounds + 5 WW